Engagement Story

I thought it would be fun to start one of these since a few of my married friends have one :) I've gotten a few people asking how Michael proposed, so here it goes.

Because of things he had said before, I already estimated it to be between Christmas and new year's eve. Back in August he took me ring shopping just to see what I liked, and we found an awesome setting, soooo we got it! I knew it was coming before the end of the year at least. On Christmas Day I drove with my parents, my sister and her husband to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike's house in Lake Forest for the day. Michael met us there after he finished with work. After a little while I went with him to his car to get his camera. He told me later that while he was moving stuff out of the way in the car, he was worried I had seen him put the ring box into his camera bag, but I just thought he was moving all the masses of stuff he leaves in there out of the way. He gave me a silly grin while he was doing this, but I still didn't suspect a thing, haha.

After taking a few pictures of my sister and I to frame for my dad, the family went to the living room to open a few gifts. After talking for a bit, we moved back into the family room next to the kitchen and Mike started announcing, "I need all of the family in here, I have one more gift to give!" Judging by the way he was nervously pacing back and forth until everyone finally came back into the room, I was wondering "Is this it? This has to be it... what else could this be?" and Allyson (my sister) says "Oh boy..." haha. Then Mike shared with everyone how we've known each other for five years, but I was either dating someone or had gone to Santa Barbara for school and he had moved to Fresno. After both of us moving back to Simi and he knew I was available, he took his chance and wasn't going to let it pass by (awwwwww) and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I said, "And forever too, right?" and he says "Of course." :)

We hugged :) and my Aunt Pam may have gotten a good picture or two of the moment because she ran out of the room during Mike's whole spiel to get her camera, haha. It felt so surreal actually having the ring on my finger and seeing the faces of my sister and my parents. My sister cried! So that made me cry. My aunt and my mom got teary-eyed so I hugged them to make sure they were okay. Mom says "I'm not ready to let you leave!" and Dad gave us hugs and shook Mike's hand (he had asked permission a few months ago while they had men-bonding time waxing Mike's car). It's pretty bittersweet for my family because I'm the youngest of two, the last to leave the nest, and I love my mom and dad a ton. I know for a fact I'll cry at the wedding, ring ceremony, AND reception, just you watch.

Thank you so much to everyone who has wished us well and celebrated with us! We couldn't be happier to take this next step in our lives together :) I LOVE YOU BABE!