Travis & Emily Wedding Photography

Here are a few photos Michael and I took for their wedding day :)

Registries... dun dun dunnn.

I had my first class of my last graduate semester on Tuesday. It's pretty straightforward with what's due when. I stress about it anyway. Can't wait to be DONE :)

The weekdays are good because I get to help out around the house after work, but not as much as I'd like to. For instance, we need to vacuum but it's hard when there's a bunch of dogs around. Mom is taking Granny Jean to Orange County to stay with Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike for a bit before she goes back to Minden, so we'll be able to clean after that. We're FINALLY getting the stamps we ordered in the mail so the save-the-dates will be mailed Monday or Tuesday.

I jumped the gun a little bit on our registries, haha. The plan is to register at 2 places: Target and Macy's. That way we can have affordable stuff and necessities at Target, and dinnerware and nicer stuff at Macy's. However, my sis got me into Crate&Barrel, which is also nicer, so I made a small selection of cool things we'd like. However, the main registries will still be at Target and Macy's, we just haven't made them yet. It'll take a lot of willpower for me to not make them online before Mike and I can make it to a store together. lol.

Crate&Barrel Registry #: 4655472. Take a look! I love their stuff. Note: Main registries to come soon.

Here are some unedited Jimmy, Liz and Brynlee pictures. Sooo pretty! I'm editing this weekend so I'll post more.


Dress, Cake, Save the Date

I asked Liz and Jimmy Cuillard if I could borrow their awesome little family for some pictures and they let me meet up with them Sunday after church. We got some NICE shots just as the sun was setting. I'll post them soon.

I got my dress on Saturday from David's Bridal! It's the perfect mix of elegant and romantic. There was one other dress I reeeeeally liked, but it didn't have enough poof, although it was gorgeous. If I could have two dresses (crazy), I would've gotten it. Oh well. I felt a little stressed when I put on the garment top under the dress to show my mom and sister where the alterations needed to be; at first they were like "uhhhhh, ok." But after the alterations manager found a good material for the top and pinned it in place, they really liked it. Whew. I prefer modest over tube top ANY day.

Sunday we met with Skiff and had a cake tasting, bringing along Allyson and Peter for fun. We're very happy they don't use fondant much at all and stick with buttercream. Plus they're not as expensive as I thought, even with the design we want, so we'll probably go with them. Our cake is going to be a memorable and unique piece of the reception.

Living at home with two old dogs is stressful, more so for my mom. Cookie (our springer spaniel) is on her last legs and even though Dad doesn't want to admit it, I really think it's time we let her go. She's just not happy. Princess is my Grandma Jean's dog and she's a boxer. Sometimes her back legs can't support her so she just falls. And, my family is concerned about taking care of Granny Jean, and it can be emotionally taxing. We want her to know she's not a burden and to feel welcome. Everyone gets old, and it's no fun. You just have to find the reasons to be happy.

I REALLY appreciated my mom opening up to me and talking for a bit last night. We don't often have one-on-one open chats and I love when we do, even if part of it is a sore subject. She let me know that me moving on with my life and finding ways to be happy is the right thing to do: marrying Mike, moving out on our own, finding my own career. Despite the hardships at home (and I let her know Allyson and I are here for the family no matter what), life goes on. This is going to be my most nostalgic and bittersweet year yet.

Today we're going to finalize the paper and colors for our save-the-date's and print the darn things! Finally. If we like them how they come out, we'll send them out as they are. Otherwise we also had an idea to add a patterned background paper to glue to the back. I can't wait to just get them out :)


Full time!

Michael officially started full time today! Benefits and all. I'm proud of my man. I hope I get my first full time teaching job this year too - the hunt begins.

We started a new website for the photography/cinematography/design company Michael has had in the works; it's called The Little Lantern - http://www.thelittlelantern.com. It's still under construction because we're getting used to the new hosting format, but we're excited to get started!

The weekends are so much better because we get to see each other. Can't wait until this Saturday evening. We're planning on going to the Magic Castle with Matt and Amy, it was one of our first dates. It should be entertaining and a load of fun.


Weekend Bliss

I'm excited to drive out to Chino this weekend and spend time with my love!! The weeks always seem long until I get to see him.

I'm finally on the up-and-up after being sick all week, hooray! I spent my time sleeping, watching tv, sleeping, making a cd of possible first-dance songs, and more sleep (though not enough).

My Aunt Pam caught some photos of the proposal so here's a good one I wanted to share...

And, here's an unedited shot from the wedding Michael and I shot last weekend...



Today before Michael went back to Chino, we saw 'Tangled' at the Regal. Pretty darn cute, Disney. I liked how Regal was so dead on a Monday evening, it was awesome.

When we were leaving I refilled my soda and the girl at the concessions stand complimented me on my ring. She was so nice and genuine about it, I talked with her a little more before we left. Ever since then I've been deeply struck by something I've thought about a lot over the years.

People in the church (and throughout the world) get engaged ALL of the time. For some reason I expected the fairytale of it to happen to me at any moment when I was 19 (wow, naive). It hasn't happened until now and I'm almost 25. I kept trying to remind myself that everyone has their own story, but I wasn't very convincing. When my relationships were struggling, I looked at these engaged couples with envy and jealousy, so much that I had a hard time being happy for them. What a brat. It wasn't until I actually went to a bridal shower or two and talked with these girls that I could calm down: they deserved it, they were good people, they loved somebody and they wanted to be with them forever and make that commitment, good for them.

So here I am, engaged and truly happy about it, and this girl in concessions talks to me and is nice to me about it just because. And it really struck me how much I want to be like her. I've been stuck wasting my time fighting off feelings of envy not specifically directed at the people who get married, but at the situation that I didn't have. I'm definitely recognizing people who are just like I was (not happy for 'the engaged') because they don't talk to me about it, or don't talk to me at all. For the first time ever, I'm happy and I'm not showing it as much. I want to, but I'm not because I want to be considerate of those people. However it's a big downer that that envy is there. I'm not saying I'm completely cured myself, I'm saying I'm still working on something I've wanted to get rid of for a long time and just be happy for people, and I wish more people would try to do that too. I'm also saying I'd have a few more friends, closer friends, if they'd take down the same wall and be happy with me.


Wedding Preview

Alrighty, here is an unedited wedding photo preview. We'll post more when the bride and groom have a chance to see them first. :)


Fun continues

I bought a sudoku book that says it has 'medium' puzzles. They sure are supremely puzzling to me.

We booked the honeymoon: Hawaii! Thank you Dad for covering the airfare with your frequent flier miles. Just imagining it seems so surreal. Being on our own somewhere new. Weeeeeeeird. But very very exciting!

I'm hoping a lot of people will come to the wedding. How many should you expect after you make a list? I've heard cut off a third, cut the list in half... so what is best? I'm worried it'll be over capacity, and also worried it'll be under our minimum requirement. There's always a few people who don't respond and leave you in the dark (awesome).

I can feel my arteries clogging after eating some amazing macaroni and cheese.

You guys will like our save-the-dates.



I'm trying to get the majority of planning done before my last Masters class starts. It's fun, and naturally runs stressful if meetings run long. I went with my dad to talk to Green Acres today because I remember them catering a wedding and it tasted great. However, they're over $1000 more expensive than a country club's catering because they want gratuity. That realization wasn't the painful part - it was waiting through a sales pitch from a guy that asked us for every single detail "in case" he'd provide tables and linens (which he wouldn't because we told him the venue does). It's useful for future reference and helping my friends but attention to detail is important - if the client says they don't want/need it, they don't.

Because we're having the reception at a venue for my family instead of a church building, cost isn't very low. However, I WILL save over $1k on the florist because I'm getting help from church members, we're having friends do photography and hair, and we're making the invitations and save-the-dates ourselves. It helps to have a fiance who is also a designer :)