Dress, Cake, Save the Date

I asked Liz and Jimmy Cuillard if I could borrow their awesome little family for some pictures and they let me meet up with them Sunday after church. We got some NICE shots just as the sun was setting. I'll post them soon.

I got my dress on Saturday from David's Bridal! It's the perfect mix of elegant and romantic. There was one other dress I reeeeeally liked, but it didn't have enough poof, although it was gorgeous. If I could have two dresses (crazy), I would've gotten it. Oh well. I felt a little stressed when I put on the garment top under the dress to show my mom and sister where the alterations needed to be; at first they were like "uhhhhh, ok." But after the alterations manager found a good material for the top and pinned it in place, they really liked it. Whew. I prefer modest over tube top ANY day.

Sunday we met with Skiff and had a cake tasting, bringing along Allyson and Peter for fun. We're very happy they don't use fondant much at all and stick with buttercream. Plus they're not as expensive as I thought, even with the design we want, so we'll probably go with them. Our cake is going to be a memorable and unique piece of the reception.

Living at home with two old dogs is stressful, more so for my mom. Cookie (our springer spaniel) is on her last legs and even though Dad doesn't want to admit it, I really think it's time we let her go. She's just not happy. Princess is my Grandma Jean's dog and she's a boxer. Sometimes her back legs can't support her so she just falls. And, my family is concerned about taking care of Granny Jean, and it can be emotionally taxing. We want her to know she's not a burden and to feel welcome. Everyone gets old, and it's no fun. You just have to find the reasons to be happy.

I REALLY appreciated my mom opening up to me and talking for a bit last night. We don't often have one-on-one open chats and I love when we do, even if part of it is a sore subject. She let me know that me moving on with my life and finding ways to be happy is the right thing to do: marrying Mike, moving out on our own, finding my own career. Despite the hardships at home (and I let her know Allyson and I are here for the family no matter what), life goes on. This is going to be my most nostalgic and bittersweet year yet.

Today we're going to finalize the paper and colors for our save-the-date's and print the darn things! Finally. If we like them how they come out, we'll send them out as they are. Otherwise we also had an idea to add a patterned background paper to glue to the back. I can't wait to just get them out :)


  1. Fondant = Powdered Sugar + Elmer's Glue

  2. Kelly,

    I totally understand bittersweet years. I want you to know my thoughts are with you and I hope you enjoy all the wonderful moments you have this year.
    It seems you are really enjoying the wedding planning and you two have made some great plans. Have fun! And we got our cake at Skiffs and it was fantastic! We did not mean for our cake to me memorable or a centerpiece and it became that. I also do not love cake and I love love loved our cake. So good choice!

    Good luck to both of you!

  3. yeah, fondant = tasteless paste.

    Thank you Rachel! It's emotionally taxing but I'm holding onto every moment. Your mom actually said the same thing about your cake so I'm glad we chose Skiff's. <3!

  4. I love following your blogs Kelly. Thanks for being so strong at home. Wish I could be there more often. I wasn't skeptical about your dress alterations, I just had no idea what you wear.

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