Fun continues

I bought a sudoku book that says it has 'medium' puzzles. They sure are supremely puzzling to me.

We booked the honeymoon: Hawaii! Thank you Dad for covering the airfare with your frequent flier miles. Just imagining it seems so surreal. Being on our own somewhere new. Weeeeeeeird. But very very exciting!

I'm hoping a lot of people will come to the wedding. How many should you expect after you make a list? I've heard cut off a third, cut the list in half... so what is best? I'm worried it'll be over capacity, and also worried it'll be under our minimum requirement. There's always a few people who don't respond and leave you in the dark (awesome).

I can feel my arteries clogging after eating some amazing macaroni and cheese.

You guys will like our save-the-dates.


  1. I've heard you should expect between 60-70% of your list to show up, and some will miss the ceremony, depending on what time it's at. You should also expect some people who don't RSVP to randomly show up, which is annoying. But as long as the RSVP's are already stamped, this shouldn't be a huge problem!

  2. Yeah they will be. We'll just have to lay the smackdown.

  3. Yeah, I always heard "expect half." I cannot WAIT to start getting awesome things in the mail!!

    Which means now you have to invite me MWAHAHA.

  4. We invited around 180 and about 100 attended. Also, expect people to RSVP that they are coming and don't show up the day of the wedding. Oh and one more thing, make sure you make the reply date way in advance, like 2 months. My reply date was about a month and a half before the wedding and I was receiving RSVP's up until a week before the wedding. Well, GOOD LUCK!!

  5. AnoelleB - if I only knew who you were. lol. if you're Amy, duhhhhhh you're already invited. You'd come even if we didn't want you to! lol jk :P

    Thanks Melinda! You two had better come! We hope to send the invites in early February.