I'm trying to get the majority of planning done before my last Masters class starts. It's fun, and naturally runs stressful if meetings run long. I went with my dad to talk to Green Acres today because I remember them catering a wedding and it tasted great. However, they're over $1000 more expensive than a country club's catering because they want gratuity. That realization wasn't the painful part - it was waiting through a sales pitch from a guy that asked us for every single detail "in case" he'd provide tables and linens (which he wouldn't because we told him the venue does). It's useful for future reference and helping my friends but attention to detail is important - if the client says they don't want/need it, they don't.

Because we're having the reception at a venue for my family instead of a church building, cost isn't very low. However, I WILL save over $1k on the florist because I'm getting help from church members, we're having friends do photography and hair, and we're making the invitations and save-the-dates ourselves. It helps to have a fiance who is also a designer :)

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