Registries... dun dun dunnn.

I had my first class of my last graduate semester on Tuesday. It's pretty straightforward with what's due when. I stress about it anyway. Can't wait to be DONE :)

The weekdays are good because I get to help out around the house after work, but not as much as I'd like to. For instance, we need to vacuum but it's hard when there's a bunch of dogs around. Mom is taking Granny Jean to Orange County to stay with Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike for a bit before she goes back to Minden, so we'll be able to clean after that. We're FINALLY getting the stamps we ordered in the mail so the save-the-dates will be mailed Monday or Tuesday.

I jumped the gun a little bit on our registries, haha. The plan is to register at 2 places: Target and Macy's. That way we can have affordable stuff and necessities at Target, and dinnerware and nicer stuff at Macy's. However, my sis got me into Crate&Barrel, which is also nicer, so I made a small selection of cool things we'd like. However, the main registries will still be at Target and Macy's, we just haven't made them yet. It'll take a lot of willpower for me to not make them online before Mike and I can make it to a store together. lol.

Crate&Barrel Registry #: 4655472. Take a look! I love their stuff. Note: Main registries to come soon.

Here are some unedited Jimmy, Liz and Brynlee pictures. Sooo pretty! I'm editing this weekend so I'll post more.

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