Let the week pass by quickly :)

This past week has had its ups and downs. I noticed some people took advantage of the Macy's sale and got some stuff on our registry at a discount. I hope they have another sale soon because man, that discount was GOOD.

Cookie's passing has been difficult. It's quiet around our house. I over-did my attention on Ozzy and was playing too rough with him. Instead of whipping his head back and forth from the front to respond to me poking his paws, he turned his head all the way around and my face was in close proximity. After lots of blood and shock recovery, I have a few open sores on the left side of my nose and a bump here and there. It's swollen and irritated but it should heal quickly. I just hope it doesn't scar.

I didn't know Michael was close to Sammy, a cat that lived up in Fresno at his Step-dad and mom's house. Sammy was restricted to the upstairs level of the house because two very big dogs (and a little one) had taken over the bottom floor. Unfortunately one of the dogs got to the cat and the family had to put him down because his injuries were too extensive. When I saw what happened on facebook and shared it with him, I should have been more sensitive because he didn't take it very well and it still grieving. It's like how I felt losing Cookie, and I'm still not over it, so this will take time. Losing a pet is so hard because they've always been such good companions. Michael and I both feel more anti-dog lately because of this incident and Ozzy biting my face. It's a good reminder that dogs are pets, not people, and shouldn't be treated like people. We're working on not letting Ozzy on the bed or the couches anymore because then he thinks he's entitled to them.

Michael and I are in a Family Relationships (AKA Strengthening Marriage) Sunday school class and it's awesome. We went through a "love map" which was just questions getting to know each other and had fun answering them together and guessing what the other person would answer. We also went shopping at Michael's in Moorpark (the crafty store) for things to decorate our guest book for the wedding. We plan to use the remaining pages as a scrapbook of sorts of our first year together, it should be fun! The more we picked out things to add to it and discussed what we liked and didn't like, the more I thought DANG, we are so meant for each other. We have similar tastes in food and style, and complement areas where the other lacks. I look forward to starting our married life together :)

This weekend I'm probably going to visit Santa Barbara and take pregnancy photos of Janeya (with Brad if he's free). I'm also doing some photos for Laura and Vasty. I'm excited to add to my portfolio and also be able to help some friends capture memorable moments :)


Letting go of a good friend

It's so hard to lose a pet. Yesterday mom and dad took Cookie to the vet. She's been struggling with pain and old age and just wasn't all there anymore. I've never gone with my parents to the vet because I knew I wouldn't handle it well. They didn't handle it well either. I don't think anyone can.

Miss you so much Cookie-roo.


Engagement Photos

Another great weekend has come and gone! We're still finalizing the meals for the reception. Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow so we can order the invitations and send them out before mid-March. We're also nearly done finalizing everything with the florists and we ordered our 'key ingredient' for the centerpieces so that's good to go. Sunday we took some engagement photos with the sunset, then Monday we took more at the Indian Hills golf course off of Stearns, which we liked much more. I felt less rushed since there was more daylight too. They turned out great! Here's one Michael retouched :)

This is one of our favorites.

and, my Superman. haha

After finally getting the signatures I needed, I turned in my IRB and was approved over the weekend! SO HAPPY! One less thing to worry about. Now I'm finally free to interview people and transcribe everything. Fun stuff. I get happier when I realize I'll pretty much be done with all of my work by May 6th.... YESSSSSSS. Master's degree close at hand... and then I can get more involved with actually teaching.

Michael is working his butt off at work, often staying later to make sure everything is covered and taken care of. He's so dedicated. I know it'll pay off in the future. If his work doesn't know what a great employee they have, they're blind.


THAT was stressful.

Michael and I had a great weekend and I miss him a ton already. After church and our meeting with the Bishop on Sunday, we drove out to my Uncle Greg's house to hang out with some of the Spencer family and watch the last half of the Super Bowl. It was awesome! I mean the football was fun to watch, but most of all I loved spending time with family like that. It was so nice to chat and joke with my Aunts and Uncles and Mom and Dad. And boy, was the meat GOOD.

After hashing out a few invitation preferences amongst my family later that night, we finally agreed on an invitation! Now we just have to finalize the meal choices we need to put on the RSVP card. We're hoping we can get steak, chicken, and salmon, not just two, so we'll see what happens. As soon as that's sorted out then we can order the invitations! So exciting.

On Monday after work I went over to "Sunnyside" Elementary School (I'm putting an alias because it isn't nice to talk trash...) and tried to speak with the principal about permissions for my research. My thesis is focused on the benefits of and participant perspectives of an after-school program, not the school itself, so I don't know why this lady said no, but she didn't even meet with me to discuss anything and was blunt in her e-mail. She didn't give any reason WHY, just "no" and suggested I inquire into a different school. Wow. My heart dropped to the floor when I read her e-mail because my research is centered around this program. Luckily there are two other sites that have this program and I'm meeting with another principal today who is much more research-welcoming and understanding of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. Hear that, Sunnyside? Excellence. Something I guess you don't like? :raspberry:

I'll feel better once I have the signatures in my hand. ANYWAYS.

After the unsuccessful meeting, Michael and I had lunch and then registered at Target for the wedding. At first we were unsure of things to scan and how much things were, etc. But then we got the hang of it: see it, like it, scan it. Here it is! Next weekend: Macy's. That way everyone has a lot to choose from.

We also went to Home Goods and got something for our centerpieces which we're extremely jazzed about. I don't want to spill the beans because I want people to be surprised, so I'll leave it at that. Our wedding is going to be so rad! I'm excited just to enjoy the day and more importantly, marry an amazing guy.


Weekday Blues

It's hard for me to stay positive during the week when I have to wait 6 days to see Michael. Then, most weekends are good, but a few rare weekends like last weekend we have communication issues and I get over-emotional about it all. Michael helped me with a simple phrase: Don't do anything you'll resent later. If you do something you really don't want to do, or are doing it for the wrong reasons, you'll get a pain in your chest of regret and resentment; so don't do it. It'll save you grief and annoyance in the future and you'll be happier with your decisions. So, that's it. It's already made the past two days better.

I started a Facebook event called "No Make-up Mondays" because I've noticed more people are overdoing it and hiding the natural beauty God gave them. If you'd like to join, here is the event page: Every Week: No Make-up Mondays