Engagement Photos

Another great weekend has come and gone! We're still finalizing the meals for the reception. Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow so we can order the invitations and send them out before mid-March. We're also nearly done finalizing everything with the florists and we ordered our 'key ingredient' for the centerpieces so that's good to go. Sunday we took some engagement photos with the sunset, then Monday we took more at the Indian Hills golf course off of Stearns, which we liked much more. I felt less rushed since there was more daylight too. They turned out great! Here's one Michael retouched :)

This is one of our favorites.

and, my Superman. haha

After finally getting the signatures I needed, I turned in my IRB and was approved over the weekend! SO HAPPY! One less thing to worry about. Now I'm finally free to interview people and transcribe everything. Fun stuff. I get happier when I realize I'll pretty much be done with all of my work by May 6th.... YESSSSSSS. Master's degree close at hand... and then I can get more involved with actually teaching.

Michael is working his butt off at work, often staying later to make sure everything is covered and taken care of. He's so dedicated. I know it'll pay off in the future. If his work doesn't know what a great employee they have, they're blind.

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