Weekday Blues

It's hard for me to stay positive during the week when I have to wait 6 days to see Michael. Then, most weekends are good, but a few rare weekends like last weekend we have communication issues and I get over-emotional about it all. Michael helped me with a simple phrase: Don't do anything you'll resent later. If you do something you really don't want to do, or are doing it for the wrong reasons, you'll get a pain in your chest of regret and resentment; so don't do it. It'll save you grief and annoyance in the future and you'll be happier with your decisions. So, that's it. It's already made the past two days better.

I started a Facebook event called "No Make-up Mondays" because I've noticed more people are overdoing it and hiding the natural beauty God gave them. If you'd like to join, here is the event page: Every Week: No Make-up Mondays

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