This morning I got a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about the church and felt I should share. This is one of my favorite talks from General Conference. I'm so excited to be able to be sealed to my husband forever, to have an eternal family, and to be the best mother I can for my kids. Michael and I are so excited to meet them! The Eternal Blessings of Marriage - Elder Richard G. Scott. "Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage." He shared some experiences he had with his wife and described how great she was - what an awesome lady.

I love the temple so much and am so humbled by the amazing peace I get there. I got a follow-up call from the temple matron about how everything is going in preparation for the sealing, and she's so sweet and supportive of us and our families. As I go to the temple every month, and meet more women in the church, especially those who are already mothers, I'm even more inspired to be like them, because they remind me of my own amazing and humble mom.


Weekend 4.21 - 4.25

Here are the weekend highlights:
  • Went to Garden Grove Thursday since I had the extra days off to spend more time with Michael. We had dinner at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney so we were able to watch the Kings and Laker games at the same time. It was fun watching the fans get pumped up.
  • While Michael was at work on Friday, I went to the gym, and then finished my last thesis chapter and colloquium PowerPoint presentation. I cooked dinner when he got home and we relaxed and watched the movie 'Salt.' Pretty entertaining, keeps your attention throughout the film, interesting story, lots of action.
  • On Saturday I made pumpkin pancakes and then we went exploring around town, which included Chick-Fil-A of course. We called up Jeremy to congratulate him and Vasty on their new baby boy and were able to drive down to the hospital to visit for a few minutes. Vasty was exhausted (and I hope you're feeling better and recovering quickly <3), Jayden was beautiful, and Joseph was such a PROUD big brother! So adorable. Glad we have good friends nearby to visit, in addition to my aunt and uncle and new extended family.
  • Church on Sunday was great, as expected. Some of the Young Women sang a unique duet during sacrament meeting and wow, this ward's got talent. I love going to a family ward and every experience I get increases my testimony. Afterward I went home and whooped up a pasta, meat and cheese casserole to bring to Mom and Dad Burr's Easter get-together in Chino. I finally met all of Terri's kids and their families, and wow - I'm getting some very comedic siblings and cuuuuuute nieces and nephews. Kaleigh is especially sassy, lol. Love love love them. And I'd like to note, I'll opt-out of the egg-confetti fights :P
  • Today I had an interview with a parent in Laguna Beach at his business office. He manages No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, and other groups, so his academic ideas and creativity are fresh and extensive. We'd be using the curriculum from his kids' current school, but extending electives and programs further than the normal school offers - the sky is the limit for these kids, and they're lucky to have that opportunity. The next time I'm in town I'll visit with their family to see if it's a good fit personality-wise. His office layout is awesome. If I don't get the job, at least I have another interview under my belt and learn from each experience.
  • My parents are getting home in an hour or two with Ozzy from Nevada. I'm excited to see my little roundy <3


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I'm grateful for Christ and his amazing example.

Also, here's something fun my sis-in-law Amy shared on fb :)

Congrats to Jeremy and Vasty and Joseph Pearson who have a new addition to their family as of Saturday 4/23/11! Hooray baby Jayden!


First Garden Grove Weekend

This week it felt like work was dragging on and on until it was FINALLY Friday! Spring break came just in time; the kids were feeling it and I was too. After a short work day on Friday, I went home to finalize packing some of my stuff with my Mom and head out to Chino to pick up Michael's bureau and the rest of his boxes. I love my Mom so much, and I can tell we're both striving to enjoy the time at home I still have before I'm married. I'm glad I'm close enough where we can see each other regularly and check up on each other. I have amazing parents <3

Friday Michael and I moved stuff in, organized the placement of a few things, and finally remembered to get dinner around 9:30. We felt adventurous and went to a place called "Tomy's" diner/drive-thru. They had a variety of things from steak and eggs, to wraps, burgers, chili-everything. I had chili-cheese fries and Mike had a grilled chicken burger; it was pretty good and didn't give me a tummy-ache. On Saturday we slept in (woohoo!), went to Costco, Mom and Dad Burr came over with a couple of boxes and checked out the latest apartment updates, and also gave me tips on easy meals to make for during the week. After they left, we went to get Michael a haircut, had Chick-Fil-A for a late lunch (of course, one of my favorite places - unfortunately the closest one is in Santa Ana) and then checked out a few furniture and grocery stores before heading home exhausted from the heat and moving everything. A bunch of drama happened later that night on the phone, and after going to our new ward today, Michael and I received a lot of help through the talks and lessons in church. It's not our place to judge other people. The real person you need to worry about offending is Heavenly Father, and we're doing just fine there. Keep adding the positive into your life and delete the negative. I'm very grateful for church.

We went to our new ward today, and wow, are the people awesome. There are a lot of old, young, in-the-middle, newlywed, new kids, old kids in the ward, and a lot of people in the education field that I can learn from and possibly get help from with regards to teaching. SO awesome! During Priesthood when Michael introduced himself and said he works for a video game company, all of the deacons and young boys leaned over and turned their heads to look at him like, "Woah cool!" haha. He also met the dad of one of his former mission companions that served in Brazil and realized he's living nearby. Crazy, the connections you make as you move from one place to another. The ward is smaller than most, but the people are so genuine and friendly, and everyone knows everyone, so we felt right at home. We really look forward to staying here!

View when you first walk in, with a cute husband chillin on the couch :)

Family room! Love that rug.

The first meal I cooked in here - potstickers and stir-fry veggies.

Being able to stay in the apartment this weekend and spend time with Michael, doing new things together, making meals for us in our own place, and going through the rough spots have brought us so much closer together. I'm beginning to understand what people mean when they say that. I love serving him first and making sure he's taken care of, and I know he loves being my companion. It's so cool being able to share everything with someone, and each day is a new adventure and we have more happy moments to come, I love it. Tonight we're relaxing and watching Disney's "Oceans" documentary and adding our own commentary, haha.


Event Updates

Because I love having a blog, I'll keep this strictly about events and happenings in our lives instead of any personal anecdotes since drama seems to follow that sort of thing. <3 

Last Saturday, April 9th, was my bridal shower. A lot of fun ladies came, including my aunts and some old friends from high school. Being around them made me realize how many awesome people I have in my life. Several drove from long distances so thank you publicly for giving of your time! Especially my two prego friends for making the trip. I was able to see a lot of family, and it made me even more excited for the wedding because I'll be able to see even more all together after many years, including some I don't remember or haven't yet met.

Last Wednesday I was hired as an essay rater for a mainstream standardized test company. Woohoo! God is already blessing Michael and I in our step forward in becoming a family. We were unsure when I'd find any sort of work, and He's blessing us early. I'll begin training in the next few weeks so by the time we're married I can start working from home.

Michael officially started living in the OC apartment two weeks ago and he loves it. Our neighbors are friendly and the building owners are great, not to mention his commute to work is a breeze. On the drive from Simi, my desk was a little roughed up on the trailer and the drawers broke off :\ Hopefully we can fix it. General Conference that weekend was awesome, as always. I'm grateful to be a member of such an awesome and true church.

I'm sooo close to being done with graduate school! All I have to do is finalize my chapters, put it all together, make my presentation poster and participate in a colloquium next month. It feels really good. Everything wedding-wise is coming together - finalized music, flowers, cake. Next is hair. It feels great to realize how close it is :)

Baseball season started! Go Dodgers! Viva Los Doyers! We're going to a game soon with my parents :)
Mama hummer feeding her babies outside of our living room window

My amazing sister and I

Opening gifts

Good sports during bridal shower games :)

The fabulous layout and 1/10 of the plethora of balloons



I just showed my parents my cap and gown and they made me put it on and take pictures just now, haha. I'm excited to be done with the Masters too. It's been a growing few years.