Event Updates

Because I love having a blog, I'll keep this strictly about events and happenings in our lives instead of any personal anecdotes since drama seems to follow that sort of thing. <3 

Last Saturday, April 9th, was my bridal shower. A lot of fun ladies came, including my aunts and some old friends from high school. Being around them made me realize how many awesome people I have in my life. Several drove from long distances so thank you publicly for giving of your time! Especially my two prego friends for making the trip. I was able to see a lot of family, and it made me even more excited for the wedding because I'll be able to see even more all together after many years, including some I don't remember or haven't yet met.

Last Wednesday I was hired as an essay rater for a mainstream standardized test company. Woohoo! God is already blessing Michael and I in our step forward in becoming a family. We were unsure when I'd find any sort of work, and He's blessing us early. I'll begin training in the next few weeks so by the time we're married I can start working from home.

Michael officially started living in the OC apartment two weeks ago and he loves it. Our neighbors are friendly and the building owners are great, not to mention his commute to work is a breeze. On the drive from Simi, my desk was a little roughed up on the trailer and the drawers broke off :\ Hopefully we can fix it. General Conference that weekend was awesome, as always. I'm grateful to be a member of such an awesome and true church.

I'm sooo close to being done with graduate school! All I have to do is finalize my chapters, put it all together, make my presentation poster and participate in a colloquium next month. It feels really good. Everything wedding-wise is coming together - finalized music, flowers, cake. Next is hair. It feels great to realize how close it is :)

Baseball season started! Go Dodgers! Viva Los Doyers! We're going to a game soon with my parents :)
Mama hummer feeding her babies outside of our living room window

My amazing sister and I

Opening gifts

Good sports during bridal shower games :)

The fabulous layout and 1/10 of the plethora of balloons


  1. glad you had a nice shower

  2. congratulations on the job

  3. how are the hummingbird babies doing?

  4. One of them we think the mom may have accidentally smothered because it died :( The other one the mom kept feeding and then one day we didn't see them anymore. I think it learned to fly finally and left the nest.