New Photo Album

I took some photos when I was in Ventura a few weeks ago and was finally able to edit them! Check them out at the 'Seaward' link to the right. Feedback is appreciated!

Almost Mr and Mrs Burr Time...

This past week I went to Ashley Beckstrom's goodbye party at Brunswick where we saw Selena Gomez bowling with a friend. Stuff like that hardly ever happens to me so it was kind of fun to watch everyone go up to her and ask for her autograph. I mean, what celebrity comes to Simi?! Yep.

The guest count has been finalized!!! I also had my last day of work on Thursday, YEAH! No more telling the 15-year-old to stop picking his nose ten times a day (literally). One thing I'll really miss is the dogs and cats pestering me for attention when I'm working. So stinkin cute. On Friday my Mom helped me load up the Yukon and take the remaining furniture to the apartment, so that's officially done. Now it's just the little things here and there I have to decide to take or leave. I also had two job interviews, one was eh, the other more promising, so we'll see. I try to look at it like good interview experience, so I can get better and better and find a job that's a good fit for me (and I for them). Friday night Michael and I ate a nice dinner at Acapulco and saw 'Bridesmaids' (language/sexuality warning), it was hilarious.

The weekend was filled with Chick Fil-A, Target, relaxing, and watching 'Pirates 4.' I had my doubts and they were proved right: while it was entertaining, exciting, had its funny moments, it was just another sequel. Pirates 1: awesome. 2: okay, cool. 3: eh, ok. 4: eh, ok... please don't make any more. They're mediocre now. Two stars tops. And, Penelope Cruz can't act. I just didn't completely buy her character.

We're so glad and amazed that our wedding is less than a week away. If I had to wait any more I'd be going stir-crazy (though I'm doing that already). To all of the Spencers and extended family on the Spencer side, my parents are having a brunch at the house on Sunday after the wedding, hope you can make it! I'll be cleaning house and such all week.

Wedding To-do List:
Finalize & pay for cake
Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
Press dress
Clean ring
Pedicure with the girls
Enjoy the day as much as possible!

Realizing I'm leaving home and my parents will be "empty-nesters" has made me very nostalgic. I plan on letting them know how much I love them and how I want to keep being a good daughter even though I was a brat (as most kids can be). I still am bratty (Allyson has always been the angel, haha), but try to be better. I love them so much and am so grateful for my family! I'm glad that when Mike and I are married, any drama from the past will be past and we'll enjoy building the first foundational blocks of our marriage together. We have Burr, McFadden, and Spencer family close by and are close enough to my parents to visit often. And, call me crazy, but I can hardly wait to start having kids, lol. I know I know, the immensity of the responsibility and parenthood will be huge, but it's all worth it to have a little bundle of joy of our own and be together forever. Laura and Cameron have shown me that, and my own family experiences and Michael's Dad have as well. I know my parents will be thrilled to be grandparents and have a little baby to play with :P

The next week I update this, I'll be Mrs. Burr :) See you then!


One Week Closer

Last Monday I had a test hair appointment with Sarah Hays and I'm so excited for her to do my wedding hair. She cut my hair this weekend and did an AMAZING job. Love it. I was also able to hang out with Laura Morrissette on Tuesday and chat about "life" stuff and things leading up to the wedding. Her baby girl is doing well and may get to come home in the next few weeks. I love my tutoring family in Westlake that I meet with every Wednesday. One of the kids showed me this (he's super smart) and it's pretty darn cool: Star Size Comparison

Michael came to Simi Thursday night so that we could get the marriage license on Friday. We also replaced the front brakes on his car with a local specialist my dad likes, and then Mom and Dad Burr met up with us and my parents for my CLU graduation in the evening. Usually I don't look forward to the monotony of graduation ceremonies, especially being herded around in them, but this one was fun and relatively inspiring, and brought a good close to my CLU experience. When Jack O'Connell spoke, no one in my department had much of anything good to say about him, though he gave an inspiring speech. The doctorate speaker's message was quite opinionated and somewhat inappropriate, devaluing the profession of teaching and how its degeneration is reflected in everything (when throughout the program we were inspired the exact opposite way). Then some ducks flew overhead, quacking loudly, and someone made the gun sound from Duck Hunt and a few people chuckled... so I made the dog sound where he laughs that you've missed, and a bunch of people laughed, so I had my fun moment. I'll miss the small classes and community with awesome professors, a peaceful and welcoming campus, and I've learned SO much about teaching and being a lifelong learner. All of my decisions and failures and successes have led me to this point and I'm grateful for my parents and God for helping me get here.

After the ceremony, we all went to my family's house and had yummy Chinese food and chatted for a few hours. It's so awesome to see Mike's Dad and Terri and my parents have so much common ground and interests and get along so well, it was a fun night and I'm so glad they were excited to come.

This Sunday was our last in the YSA ward since next weekend I'll be moving the last of my furniture to Orange County. I bore my testimony and had fun chatting with the girls, got a blessing from Bishop which I can already feel a difference from, and loved sitting in church with Michael. We miss our soon-to-be family ward and look forward to seeing them soon. This week is my last week of work and now I start to finalize every wedding detail... woohoo! I also have a job interview on Friday, which I'm super stoked for.


Masters and Mother's Day

Work work work, and more work! haha. Things are looking good, he was asked by the CEO to apply for an Associate Producer position, so we'll see where it goes! Over the past week or two he promoted the Freaky Pets giveaway on Facebook and the page grew from about 200 fans to over 2000 - talk about jackpot. Moms with blogs/Facebooks are a goldmine when it comes to marketing kids products. This weekend he also worked on our website and worked on preparing the apartment for when I move in, making it less of a bachelor pad ;)

Last week was state testing week for the boys I teach, so I got paid to take them to Ventura and sit on the beach while they were testing. Not a bad deal, in case you were wondering.
On Friday I was so nervous for my Masters colloquium, I went home from work and watched tv to distract myself. Luckily 'House' was on so my mind was entertained. I was under the impression that we'd present our posters to a panel that was going to walk around to each person and ask us questions - but nope! What a relief - it was open to anyone that came for them to walk around and casually ask questions, get some snacks, and we saw everyone else's projects too. It was crazy how I kept reformatting my paper to fit the correct APA standards, and yet when I checked out other students' projects and saw how badly they ignored the rules, it made me feel better about any flaws my paper had that I couldn't find after looking over it fifty times. I turned that sucker in and ta-da! I'm done! I can hardly believe it. Now I'm letting my mind more fully engulf everything wedding-related and enjoy it. Mother's day weekend was also awesome. I love my mom a ton and enjoyed relaxing with her. We also tried on our dresses for the wedding just for fun and to see how they fit. Mom is so cute and she doesn't give herself enough credit.

Colloquium poster

The finished product! A year of hard work
Dedication to my parents



End of April

Not a lot of important events this past week, so I'll just share my favorite part of Stake Conference this weekend. Elder Cordova, our area Seventy, played three video clips at the Saturday night adult session. The commercials stressed the importance of family in funny ways. It was usually a parent playing with their children in an imaginative world and then brought back to reality. My favorite was where the father and son are battling castle guards, etc. to rescue the princess:

A convert to the church also got up to bear his testimony and explained how he came to take the missionary lessons. He kept having these nightmares about not being able to help his family, like something was missing. Then he asked all of us if we would please sustain him to the Priesthood tomorrow (Sunday) so that he could save his family. What an amazing convert and a touching moment we won't forget.

Then on Sunday, Elder Cordova had all of the children come up to the front and sing "I Am A Child of God." Another awesome moment. We also had our living ordinance and recommend interviews. The questions they ask in there are really powerful. I remember answering them for the first time two years ago before I went through the temple for my own endowment, and I felt in that moment a huge transition, like I was really becoming a woman (though I had considered myself one already, I didn't feel it until then). I can't wait to go to the temple with Michael next Saturday (no we're not eloping, bahaha :P). That night my parents barbecued steaks and we ate dinner together and talked. The wedding and my school stuff wrapping up have helped me realize how supportive they are, I love them a ton and won't ever be able to express it adequately.