End of April

Not a lot of important events this past week, so I'll just share my favorite part of Stake Conference this weekend. Elder Cordova, our area Seventy, played three video clips at the Saturday night adult session. The commercials stressed the importance of family in funny ways. It was usually a parent playing with their children in an imaginative world and then brought back to reality. My favorite was where the father and son are battling castle guards, etc. to rescue the princess:

A convert to the church also got up to bear his testimony and explained how he came to take the missionary lessons. He kept having these nightmares about not being able to help his family, like something was missing. Then he asked all of us if we would please sustain him to the Priesthood tomorrow (Sunday) so that he could save his family. What an amazing convert and a touching moment we won't forget.

Then on Sunday, Elder Cordova had all of the children come up to the front and sing "I Am A Child of God." Another awesome moment. We also had our living ordinance and recommend interviews. The questions they ask in there are really powerful. I remember answering them for the first time two years ago before I went through the temple for my own endowment, and I felt in that moment a huge transition, like I was really becoming a woman (though I had considered myself one already, I didn't feel it until then). I can't wait to go to the temple with Michael next Saturday (no we're not eloping, bahaha :P). That night my parents barbecued steaks and we ate dinner together and talked. The wedding and my school stuff wrapping up have helped me realize how supportive they are, I love them a ton and won't ever be able to express it adequately.

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