Masters and Mother's Day

Work work work, and more work! haha. Things are looking good, he was asked by the CEO to apply for an Associate Producer position, so we'll see where it goes! Over the past week or two he promoted the Freaky Pets giveaway on Facebook and the page grew from about 200 fans to over 2000 - talk about jackpot. Moms with blogs/Facebooks are a goldmine when it comes to marketing kids products. This weekend he also worked on our website and worked on preparing the apartment for when I move in, making it less of a bachelor pad ;)

Last week was state testing week for the boys I teach, so I got paid to take them to Ventura and sit on the beach while they were testing. Not a bad deal, in case you were wondering.
On Friday I was so nervous for my Masters colloquium, I went home from work and watched tv to distract myself. Luckily 'House' was on so my mind was entertained. I was under the impression that we'd present our posters to a panel that was going to walk around to each person and ask us questions - but nope! What a relief - it was open to anyone that came for them to walk around and casually ask questions, get some snacks, and we saw everyone else's projects too. It was crazy how I kept reformatting my paper to fit the correct APA standards, and yet when I checked out other students' projects and saw how badly they ignored the rules, it made me feel better about any flaws my paper had that I couldn't find after looking over it fifty times. I turned that sucker in and ta-da! I'm done! I can hardly believe it. Now I'm letting my mind more fully engulf everything wedding-related and enjoy it. Mother's day weekend was also awesome. I love my mom a ton and enjoyed relaxing with her. We also tried on our dresses for the wedding just for fun and to see how they fit. Mom is so cute and she doesn't give herself enough credit.

Colloquium poster

The finished product! A year of hard work
Dedication to my parents


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