One Week Closer

Last Monday I had a test hair appointment with Sarah Hays and I'm so excited for her to do my wedding hair. She cut my hair this weekend and did an AMAZING job. Love it. I was also able to hang out with Laura Morrissette on Tuesday and chat about "life" stuff and things leading up to the wedding. Her baby girl is doing well and may get to come home in the next few weeks. I love my tutoring family in Westlake that I meet with every Wednesday. One of the kids showed me this (he's super smart) and it's pretty darn cool: Star Size Comparison

Michael came to Simi Thursday night so that we could get the marriage license on Friday. We also replaced the front brakes on his car with a local specialist my dad likes, and then Mom and Dad Burr met up with us and my parents for my CLU graduation in the evening. Usually I don't look forward to the monotony of graduation ceremonies, especially being herded around in them, but this one was fun and relatively inspiring, and brought a good close to my CLU experience. When Jack O'Connell spoke, no one in my department had much of anything good to say about him, though he gave an inspiring speech. The doctorate speaker's message was quite opinionated and somewhat inappropriate, devaluing the profession of teaching and how its degeneration is reflected in everything (when throughout the program we were inspired the exact opposite way). Then some ducks flew overhead, quacking loudly, and someone made the gun sound from Duck Hunt and a few people chuckled... so I made the dog sound where he laughs that you've missed, and a bunch of people laughed, so I had my fun moment. I'll miss the small classes and community with awesome professors, a peaceful and welcoming campus, and I've learned SO much about teaching and being a lifelong learner. All of my decisions and failures and successes have led me to this point and I'm grateful for my parents and God for helping me get here.

After the ceremony, we all went to my family's house and had yummy Chinese food and chatted for a few hours. It's so awesome to see Mike's Dad and Terri and my parents have so much common ground and interests and get along so well, it was a fun night and I'm so glad they were excited to come.

This Sunday was our last in the YSA ward since next weekend I'll be moving the last of my furniture to Orange County. I bore my testimony and had fun chatting with the girls, got a blessing from Bishop which I can already feel a difference from, and loved sitting in church with Michael. We miss our soon-to-be family ward and look forward to seeing them soon. This week is my last week of work and now I start to finalize every wedding detail... woohoo! I also have a job interview on Friday, which I'm super stoked for.

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