Another Crazy Week

After I felt all "caught up" last Friday, the week just blew by again. Especially the weekends, those go too fast. We drove out to Simi to hang out with my parents for the weekend and it turns out Allyson and Peter were passing through on their way to a wedding literally 3 miles from our apartment. I was glad we got to see them for part of Saturday and Sunday nonetheless. On Saturday we immediately started our laundry, washed and waxed Mike's car, got showered and I headed off to Laura's baby shower. It was awesome to see a lot of familiar faces and then I took family photos for Laura and Cameron with Evelyn and they turned out fantastic.

Vasty & Jayden, Laura & Evelyn - their husbands set them up for future husband and wife ;)

Evelyn Rose

Evelyn Rose

Morrissette family portraits

After a quick bite to eat with my family, Dad decided we were taking the second leather couch since they had already found replacements from the first we took for the apartment. The original plan was to come back to the apartment that night, but I was aching for time with my parents so we stayed over another night, which I was REALLY grateful for. I have such an awesome, supportive husband. We spent most all of Sunday with my parents and headed home. I miss them a ton still and hold on to every moment I get since I don't live there anymore. Each day with them is more special to me now than ever, I've turned into a huge sap.

On Monday and Tuesday I was so glued to photo editing that I didn't leave the apartment all day. I've learned this is VERY bad for me to not vary my activities, because even though I was productive, I didn't physically go anywhere so some part of my mind didn't think I was a good girl (which I wasn't, I played hooky from the gym). After a long talk with Michael I got everything out of my system and realized I'm happier when I set goals for myself and make a to-do list. Our whiteboard on the fridge now lists things I can do if I ever linger on only one project.

The learning center I work for seems like they'll be giving me two classes to teach instead of one, which I was warned I may only get one, but no one else prepared a 7th grade syllabus and course schedule but me! So we're in luck. I'm glad to be bringing some income to the table. We were so blessed from the wedding that we have a great start and were able to save a good portion of the gift cards we received. Also work-related, Michael is coming up on his 1-year with SG so we'll see what happens! Our next goal is to get enough combined monthly income to get an apartment or condo mortgage closer to the Irvine area.

I haven't made any fast friends at church yet, and I have Vasty and Jeremy nearby, so I went to visit on Thursday and had an awesome time talking and hanging out with her cute boys. We'll take family photos of them soon, which I'm excited for. I love seeing the shots as I catch them and playing around, and then seeing the final editing product, so cool. I've added that family to my prayers, they're so awesome. That night Mom and Dad Burr were in the area so we went to Knott's Berry Farm, ate at Pink's Hot dogs, and saw a show or two and rode the Pony Express.

Today I drove down to SG and joined Michael and his co-workers for "Sleepy Hour" AKA get paid to build company community and drink and be merry. We got silly on our shirley temples. Traffic in Orange County is horrible. I plan to never drive before 9 AM or after 3 PM if I can help it.

Us outside The Cannery for Sleepy Hour

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