Wedding Highlights 5.28.11

We're officially Da Burrs now! Our internet network says so. In this post I'm going to use some photos that were tagged of us on Facebook from Kevin Phair and others. When we get our pictures back and edit them, then we'll post later with some of our favorites, including an album for family to see.

Sarah Hays did an amazing job on my wedding hair and on my bridesmaids' hair. If you need ANYthing (cut, color, style) her # is 805-501-7754. I could hardly sleep the night before, and Ozzy woke me up at 4:45 AM, so that was that. Once my hair was done I REALLY felt like a bride. Mike picked me up and we headed to the temple. If it weren't for Cameron and Laura being our escorts and helping us find where to go, we would've had a confusing time, but they were such a big help. We were sealed in room ten, which I had never seen before. Usually when you come with a group to do sealings you go to the main floor with a hallway of rooms in a pinkish shade. This one was bright white. Brother Dean (he loves the single adults and remembered me) said some awesome stuff about Jesus Christ and families, and beforehand he asked me if there were some really great people waiting outside the temple for us and I said yes (it hit really close to home). He said we'll be so blessed for taking this important step. I of course bawled my eyes out.

Finally after the schedule running 1.5 hours late and having to wait for the couples ahead of us, we made our grand exit and it felt great. Sorry again for everyone that had to wait so long, it was the only hitch the day came with.

The grand exit from the LA temple

My amazing family

After pictures, everyone took off and Sister McClellan helped us get some awesome shots around the temple. She really helped the whole photo experience run smoothly even when we were crunched for time. Then we were off straight to the venue. My Dad walked me down the aisle and we had a really nice ring ceremony. 

A Dad's greatest joy, getting to walk his daughter down the aisle

Exchanging rings

Happy recessional

We then took more photos while guests had appetizers and socialized, then made our grand entrance doing a silly dance (and saw how the candy table was EMPTY. So glad I did that, it was a big hit). Then we had our first dance to Dean Martin's "Kiss" which was a nice touch with regards to the Spencer family. Michael danced with his mom, then I danced with my dad. At first he couldn't speak and just held me to his cheek. I couldn't help but want to cry more.

My Daddy and I

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. Dinner, trying to say hello to everyone (sorry we missed some of you!), toasts, money dance, cake cutting, dancing, getaway. During the toasts my sister made me cry, and my Dad made me cry big time when he said I looked like Claudia (Carchia) Spencer (his mom who passed when I was a few months old but got to hold me) and Granny Pauline (Whetstine) on my Mom's side. I'll always treasure that. The red velvet cake tasted great, the little that we got, but my parents had the top layer saved which was spice cake with cream cheese and raspberry filling, so we're waiting maybe a month to take care of that, not a year. haha. I'm also glad we did the money dance and we were both so shocked at the amount of gifts we received - you all have helped us stay in the black! We're humbled by the amazing friends we have in all places. Before we knew it we were making our getaway - to me it seemed like only 9 PM but it was actually after 10. Crazy. Brother Walden let us borrow his classic Mustang convertible, which was awesome. Vroom vrooooooom! Thank you all again for sharing our memorable day.

Yum. Skiff's cake

My niece Sydney caught the bouquet. We reminded Daniel he's a bit too old for her.

I always want to make my Dad proud. Love you Dad!

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding Kelly and Michael. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was wonderful to see everyone and meet some great relatives and friends. Mike seems like a pretty good catch, Kelly. Mike, just keep doing what you're doing! It's obviously working! It was a great pleasure meeting you! Cheers!