Finally Got a Beach Day!

Last weekend we went to Doheny Beach and met up with Mom & Dad Burr, Matt & Amy and the boys, Tommy & Jayme and the girls, Stephen & Natalie and Marlie, and Terri's brother Todd, along with Jayme's parents. It was perfect weather and a beautiful day. I want to go more often and take advantage of being a Southern Californian! I played around and got some great shots of Marlie and the beach (see the end of this post). The Friday before, we had pizza and hung out with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike with their new pup Izzy. So cute. It's also fun to have relatives closer than usual.

Work has been draining, even though I have only part-time work, which is nothing compared to Michael's 50 hours a week. I have to come up with different creative ideas for each class, reading three different novels at a time, and then we'll switch soon. However, it keeps me on my toes, so it's fun. Most of the kids are doing well. I baked them cookies, shared some with the neighbors and also mailed some home to my parents. Miss them tons!

Tonight we walked to a bar around the corner and met up with our upstairs neighbors. We ate a few $1 tacos (taco Tuesday) and played pool. Mike invited him and his girlfriend to church, and the guy at least seems open about it. They're really nice people. I just wonder if they're ready and willing to make some lifestyle changes. It feels good to at least get the invitation out there and make some new friends.

Marlie at the beach

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