OC Summer

As of the 4th of July, Mike and I have been dating for a year! That was our first date, so fireworks are really special for us. We were invited to Jeremy and Vasty's apartment for barbecue, and then we endured traffic to watch fireworks from the top of the Disneyland parking structure. Fireworks are extremely popular around here, we saw tons being shot in every direction from the freeway on the way there. The only downside was that people kept shooting them after 11 PM and we wanted sleep.

The next day was my first day teaching summer school. I was nervous but more excited, and it turned out to be a great day. I'm glad I planned my whole course schedule ahead of time, so each day is full of stuff to do, and being the teacher, it goes by quickly. They're all at least part Vietnamese, some struggle, some are super quiet, some are relaxed, some nod and smile yet they don't understand. A mixed bag. I hope they continue to pay attention! Mike got a promotion at work, but it's more work and more hours. A lot of the material he works with is unorganized and not prioritized, so some of it should be delegated instead of heaped upon one or two people. Hopefully he'll be able to start doing that sooner than later so we can keep our sanity. It's also been rough so far dealing with the heat. Our landlady said if we keep the windows shut during the day it'd keep the heat out and the cool in. Instead, it just makes it stuffy and humid inside. We're dying for AC but there's nothing we can do except stand in front of our fans.

If anyone is planning a Disneyland visit, we're right next door so let us know and we'll meet up! Renee came out for a day and we had a blast hitting up a lot of rides and taking pictures.

In our new ward I realized there is really no one my age to hang out with, so I may not be very social. I hope to spend more time with Vasty and her boys and have occasional double dates with my friend Steve and his wife Melinda, and my aunt and uncle who live in Lake Forest. I'm hoping to balance some me-time with friend-time and husband-time so I can feel normal and not so lonely during the day. I got so used to seeing my parents every day that it's hard to not miss them and get sentimental. Luckily we're visiting them this weekend, yaaaaaaay!!!

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