Mid-to-late Summer

Summer has been passing by for us, week by week. Since I last updated this, we've been able to go to the OC fair with my aunt and uncle, which was a lot of fun. We love doing things with close family.

Summer school has been challenging day by day, but satisfying, which I love. In one class I have a struggling learner and a highly advanced learner, so there is the challenge of differentiating their work and how I teach. The next class is full of rowdy 8th grade boys, but I respected them first so they respect me back. My last class is all girls and 1 boy (wonder why it's my best class ;) and we have really great conversation, and they care about the deeper issues in what we read. I'm going to miss it all when summer ends, but hopefully another opportunity will come soon.

Last week I had lunch with two sisters from church who are SUPER awesome. Even though we don't have any immediate friends, we're starting to get to know people more and it feels good. Mike and I gave talks in church last Sunday and everyone loved them (we even got a few tears). Our topics were from April 2011 conference: Eternal marriage, and Whom He chastens, He loves (Sunday PM session). Last week I also hung out with Vasty and her boys. It's really nice to have a friend close enough to chat with and vent to/with and just have girl time (even though her boys were there :P). We got a few casual shots too, since she doesn't have hands free often to get some of her own.

I can hardly wait until I don't teach on Saturdays so we can take a weekend trip to my parents' house! I feel like my weekends are taken too soon :\ Last Monday was pretty funny though. I started pretending to be a baby in the morning, stomping and whining about it being Monday, and took off my clothes one by one and chucked them at my pillow, saying, "Mondays, take THAT!!" and then Mike started saying, "Ooo, I like Mondays! Yay Mondays!" LOL.

Aaaaanyways. I've kept myself busy with job apps, Wii fit, the gym, couponing, etc. and now I talk to Mom every Friday on the phone. Miss my parents tons. Mike and I really want a pet, it just feels so weird without one. 

We're having a contest for our photography page on Facebook. Just "like" the page and get 5 friends to "like" it as well, and you're entered to win a free photo shoot or Blu-ray copy of "Snow White." So far it's slow-going, who knows if it'll help spread the word, but it's just a shot at a marketing tactic, so we'll see! We'd love to take photos for a living, it's so fun. Someday...

And, today I had lunch with Mike down by his work at Five Guys. The verdict is in: In-N-Out > Five Guys. (For you non-math nerds, In-N-Out is greater than Five Guys.) I could make a better, healthier, less-greasy burger at home. Nom nom In-N-Out. They have their own unique taste.


  1. Mondays... LOL! Too funny.

  2. lol yeah. Helped lighten the Monday mood.

  3. Kelly, your photos are wonderful! You really have an eye for finding beauty in the unusual. The baby is darling too. I know you have not wanted to share with me, but I am very glad I stumbled upon your site because I love seeing your work and knowing that you are both happy and healthy.
    Mom Nicholls