Dogs and Cupcakes.

Another few weeks have gone by and it's time to update. The weekend after the 6th, we went to Knott's Berry Farm with Mom & Dad Burr while they were babysitting some of my nieces Kaleigh and Marley (so far the favorites since they're so fun and cute). It's a bummer that Kaleigh's summer was toned down since she broke her leg, but we had a fun day and she was able to go on several rides. In the saloon show, they picked on Michael to come up with the lady on stage as she sang him a song, it was hilarious. Mike played along very well and we got a lot of questions from the actors during the show to play into their performance :)

Church is going well, though I wish more people would talk to us (and I'm sure they think the same thing). Someone has to break the ice and it'll have to be me :) I also find that the Young Women are more comfortable with me for some reason. I'm just so used to their age group, it's perfect. It also doesn't hurt that I usually have gum or a candy to share :P

I got a call back on a job Michael had sent to me, which was pretty cool considering I've been applying for awhile. Even if I don't get it, it was good experience. As far as I could tell, the environment was very organized and more structured to be supportive, which was an improvement compared to other kids clubs I'd worked in before.

Michael had to stay up working til midnight one or two nights last week because of a huge server issue with one of their most popular games. It might've had something to do with the San Diego power outage, but who knows. He got a lot of pats on the back for his dedication (because it wasn't mandatory that he stay online but he did). It's funny how things have shifted to where he's spending more time with work-related issues and doing very well, but it also limits our time together. I treasure it more and more.

I've gotten into cupcake decorating. There is SO MUCH you can do on one little cupcake, for a variety of occasions. My full photo album of what I've made so far is HERE but here are a few of them! I can't wait to get more frosting tips and unique sprinkles to make different stuff. Christmas is my next design goal.

lips sprinkles

boy baby shower

Cancer Awareness sprinkles

Halloween! pumpkin and ghosts


My new favorite stores to shop at are Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, and Goodwill. They have such great deals there and some awesome decorative stuff. For her birthday, I bought my Mom an indoor/outdoor floral seat cushion so she'll be comfortable everywhere (and doesn't need to sit on folded blankets) and a new silverware drawer since the old one was really beat up. While they seem like odd birthday gifts, I tried to put thought into what she would use and appreciate.

This weekend has been really great! I love hanging out with my parents. We celebrated Mom's birthday with cake and ice cream and ate at Viva La Pasta (we also ate there for the wedding rehearsal dinner). They have a beautiful courtyard in the back. Brad and Janeya drove through Simi with baby Noelle to drop of the bike I had lent them a few years back (haha) and we had lunch at The Hat before taking some family photos. Then Sarah Hays came over to give me a haircut and chit chat. Today (Monday) I had lunch with Mom at a park near her work, then visited Laura and Cameron and baby Evelyn. It's been a very social weekend!

I'm staying in Simi until Friday to keep my Mom and the dogs company while Dad is on a business trip in Michigan. Then I go back with Renee when we go to Disneyland! I miss Mike a ton already, this is our first few days away from each other since before we were married :(

Harley relentlessly steals Ozzy's toys and gets in his face. One of these days Ozzy will get tired of it!



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