Fingers Crossed

Here I am, trying to stay productive. There's lots I could do, I just need the motivation!

The weekend before last, Mike and I visited Simi again to help my parents with chores while they were gone. They went to visit my sister in NorCal and use their wine train present from Christmas. We really enjoyed having Junior around to meow and pet and cuddle with, and a house with air conditioning! It was a relaxing weekend and a nice, close getaway from the hot apartment. I dropped off a few freebies I had gotten from couponing that I had collected.

The following Monday I was fingerprinted for the Literacy Project work I'll be doing and also had an evening meeting. I'm still waiting to hear who my site coordinator will be so we can set the days I'll be teaching. I look forward to meeting with the kids and having something schedule-wise to stick to. I feel better when my schedule is set with things to do - I'm working on making myself do things daily so I don't waste time and feel productive.

Tuesday I got a pedicure and lunch with my Aunt Pam, and we drove around Lake Forest condos. So far nothing promising, but today I got in touch with a nice Realtor and he found a few properties we may love that aren't short sales. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that we get a place we love by the end of the year close to them.

On Thursday I hung out with Vasty, Joseph and Jayden at Ruby's Diner and then saw "Mr. Popper's Penguins" at the local discount theater. I had low expectations, but it was surprisingly good! Super cute. Then we went shopping at nearby 99 cent stores - if those things smelled better, I might enjoy the hunt for bargains. haha.

Labor Day weekend, Mike and I drove up for our promised visit to see my sis and her husband in NorCal. We wanted to go the previous weekend, but it didn't make much sense to drive up one day and leave the next with such a long commute. Traffic was horrendous on the way home (stupid CalTrans), but we had a nice adventure. On Saturday we had lunch at In-N-Out just past the Grapevine and arrived in Fairfield around 5ish. Allyson took us to a nearby outlet center where we got some cheap clothes that we really liked - finally. Sometimes we go to the mall and like absolutely nothing. More and more we're happier with Ross and TJ Maxx.

mmm Fenton's home-made caramel

Cookie Sundae - heaven or death, can't decide

After making ourselves sick with dinner and an amazing ice cream experience (my first) at Fenton's, we went home and I nearly puked from a combination of girl pain (women understand this) and a bad food combination. It's my first girl week since being off of birth control and I've never hurt so much, yuck. Normally I catch it, but this time it came on out of nowhere. Anyways, we just relaxed on the couch the rest of the evening.

The next day we went for a morning bike ride along a nearby road. It is so beautiful up there! No wonder Peter and Allyson are so happy. They have picturesque landscape and greenery all around. Mike loved the windy nights. Then when Allyson had to work for a few hours, Peter took us mini-golfing and we had fun skipping around the slow line and getting re-dos over and over. If I wasn't on steroids (according to Peter) I would hit the ball softer and make it in! Silly. We then visited Allyson towards the end of her shift. Apparently you get a free bag of coffee or box of tea every week for working at Starbucks, pretty cool. She got a box of decaffeinated Vanilla Rooibos for us! Can't wait to try it.

When we got home it was nap time! We mostly lazed around, read, watched tv, and then had a great meal: steak, corn on the cob, garlic potato, and one of the best salads I've ever had with fresh banana peppers, mushrooms, tomato, feta cheese, onion, whatever else. So good. I'm going to imitate it as soon as possible. After watching the movie "Rio" (pretty cute) we went to bed.

On Monday we headed out to Bethel Island for wakeboarding. I didn't get on the water, but Mike did and he did awesome. Peter and his dad are so tan because they're out there every day they can be. We left around 1:30, which is good because it took us 8.5 hours to drive home and traffic was a big pain. We're back in our hot apartment, and condo hunting every chance we get!

Trying new tricks

Cold on the boat

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