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My visit home was well-needed. I was able to get back into my running routine and I'm feeling the burn! It's hard to get started but once I do I feel good. For the rest of the week, I had lunch with Diana at Red's BBQ (chopped chicken salad, YUM!), visited my friend Liz and her beautiful baby boy Jaxson (seriously one of the CUTEST babies I've ever seen), had yogurt with Diana and Rebecca, lunch with Mom again, and took family photos for Claudia and Laura. The old Santa Susana park is gorgeous with its rocks and trees.

Disneyland was fabulous as usual. Renee enjoyed her birthday weekend and we LOVED the Big Thunder BBQ - all you can eat, live entertainment. Just awesome.

I finished my first week of my after-school job! Yay me! The kids became more rowdy toward the end of the week but that was normal. They enjoy the games, but they get highly competitive and in each other's faces. Luckily I get a new group every 45 minutes so it doesn't heat up too badly. I also got two job callbacks - one is for a substitute position in the Newport-Mesa district, so I was fingerprinted and I'm signed up for an orientation. The other is to be an essay rater for ETS. Originally I applied in spring, but then they filled up after I had completed the application process (which took awhile) but now it looks like I'll get in! I have to wait for more orientation details there as well.

Things are looking up, and I'm getting very busy! I also booked a vow renewal ceremony and reception next January for MBKB. YAY!

Speaking of ceremonies, I am SO excited for my sister-in-law's wedding and reception. From the photo I saw her dress is amazing on her and it should be super fun.

Mike has been working his butt off at work. Since Disney now has shorter winter hours, it limits our fun time :( But we'll still try to go. This past Wednesday we went to a fun trivia night at a local hangout. It was a lot of fun and something we'll do here and there with his work friends. He's relaxing this weekend at the apartment, which he truly deserves. I have to take a TB test this weekend to update my records for work and feed Harley on Monday before I head back. It'll be so nice to stay with my hubby!

Well, it's General Conference Weekend! Woot! You can watch it as much as you'd like on www.byu.tv and after a few days they have the talks typed out for you to read. I'm house-sitting for my parents and hanging out with little Harley and Junior. It's another beautiful, quiet weekend. You can tell it's fall when the sunsets get more and more gorgeous.

Flower from my front yard

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