East Coast Explorations! - Part 1

(Get ready... lots of pictures!)
About a month ago, my sister expressed interest in going to the east coast when my Dad was taking a business trip. Long story short, all 4 of our family members were boarding a plane early Saturday morning - my sis from Sacramento, my parents and I from Los Angeles. We met up in Chicago and flew together to Manchester, New Hampshire. Needless to say I think I fell in love. With the cities of course! I'm happily married :)

On day 1 of our adventures, we went to Lexington Green in Massachusetts, where the Battle of Lexington was fought. My Dad is a big US history buff, so I know he really enjoyed every moment, and I was grateful to check out some awesome history.

My sis and I
The Munroe house where witnesses to the battle lived

I realized that there was a temple in Massachusetts, looked it up, and sure enough, it was literally 5 miles away! I was so excited. We were on our way to Boston and it was fight next to the freeway. So beautiful!

Boston, MA Temple
Boston, MA Temple
Boston, MA Temple

Once arrived in Boston, we parked underground the Boston Common park and walked to the visitor's center. We took a tour via The Freedom Trail tours and it was fantastic. (Buy tickets through them because the funds actually go toward restoring and maintaining the sites)

John Hancock burial site, and our tour guide
Puritan headstone
Paul Revere burial site

Samuel Adams burial site
Downtown Boston

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