East Coast Explorations - Part 2

(For a view of more fall color-themed photos, I posted them all here!)

After our Boston adventures, we drove out to Ogunquit, Maine (pronounced how it's spelled, seriously!). This was my first view of the Atlantic. So amazing!

The next morning after an early breakfast, we hiked along the coastline to Perkins Cove and took a fantastic boat ride to the Hubble Lighthouse.

Then we all had a delicious fresh fish n' chips lunch overlooking the harbor.

Here's a look at some local scenery and shopping on Shore Drive in Perkins Cove and Ogunquit!

These beautiful mums were everywhere! LOVE.
I'll do this someday.
Great pumpkin idea!
Our resort's front display. Best idea ever!

On our last day :sniff sniff: we headed north to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine, where we drove by Walkers Point (the Bush summer home) and did some shopping before heading back south. My Dad says this is a good Republican photo :)

We stopped by North Yard Cemetery in Massachusetts where I was told by my Dad's cousin that we had family buried there. However we were disappointed to find that it was the wrong one and the correct one is in Methuen. Hopefully on my next trip I'll be able to find it and take photos of the site to share as a part of my family history.

Afterward, Dad drove us to the Airport Diner in Manchester and we shared a yummy lunch before our flights home (grilled cheese with tomato: such a good idea). Dad flew home later after a few days of business meetings.

(A snippet about my family history!)

My Dad was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, so quite a few of my ancestors live/lived and died there. After years of struggling with cold weather and polio (constantly falling and breaking fingers and toes), my grandpa "Papa" found a job working for Howard Hughes in California and moved his wife and 8 children west. When the job fell through because they thought Papa incapable due to his polio, he was able to find more work and make ends meet.

My aunts and uncles on my Dad's side grew up in Chatsworth, California where my Uncle Greg still resides. I love learning where my family came from!

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