Weekend Adventure: A New Favorite Eatery

Mike and I were really excited to sleep in Saturday. I slept in til 10, he got up at 9! Who's the lazy one now!

He saw something really yummy on FB from a friend so we went to downtown Orange to check it out. Glassell Avenue, the main drag, reminds me of Santa Barbara's State Street but in a different way. Small houses are used as cafes and small business offices, pretty neat. Our destination was a restaurant called Bruxie, a newer place known for waffle sandwiches --

The line never got shorter.

Waffle sandwiches?! Sounds amazing. IT IS. They just celebrated their 1-year birthday on 10/26 and are going strong. Mike ordered the Irish nachos - waffle fries with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and fried chicken (not greasy).


and the Purple Haze - tastes like carbonated grape soda with some frozen custard in it. T'was ok.

I had the Green Eggs and Ham and was surprised how good it was. The pesto sauce made it REALLY good.

the "after" picture.

We shared a yummy pumpkin shake (my fall addiction).

We had ordered their Nutella and Bananas and immediately took it to go since we were so stuffed. It was a great treat for later.

Needless to say its given me new ideas for cooking at home. Yum! Definitely doing this.

After an afternoon nap at home, we went to the 5 PM temple session in Newport. It was great going there, especially together. Now that we both have our own set of temple clothes (Newport doesn't rent), we're going once a month. The first room you sit in is beautiful, with such realistic landscapes on the walls. I steamed  my white dress and Mike's slacks with the steamer I got from the wedding. It works so well, I got super excited and felt like a good housewife. It's more fun than ironing.

In the evening, we chaperoned the multi-stake youth Halloween dance. It. was. packed. Our ward was assigned to the refreshments table, which we didn't have a problem with since we skipped dinner, still stuffed from brunch at Bruxie's. Afterward we went home and slept well. So well that I got up at 10:30 and Mike got up at 11. The week really took out our energy.

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