Denver, CO Temple, Thanksgiving

So, after a fun weekend of wedding and Vegas from 11/11 to 11/13, I then took a flight to Denver Colorado to see the LDS temple on Tuesday 11/15. I had planned it last year but had to cancel, and had to use the flight credits before they expired. Our budget was tight so we decided that I'd just book the original trip I had planned.

I have a life goal of doing a temple session in all of the US temples (maybe the world if I get the time). Denver's was built in 1986. My parents lived out there for awhile for my dad's work, and my sister was born in Aurora, so even though I only drove around for a day, I got a small sense of what they saw. Next time I want to go see the University of Denver where my dad earned his MBA. Enjoy the photos below.

The following weekend, Michael took photos for Vasty and Jeremy (see them here: MBKB) and they turned out great. I also tried to certify to be an ETS essay rater but the website isn't working on our home computer. So much for that! Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Thanksgiving week/weekend was great. Michael's work had a feast, and the next day we drove up to Fresno and stayed at Bryan and Amanda's apartment. We enjoyed seeing family and relaxing. Then on Friday we drove to Carson City, Nevada and spent the evening and all of Saturday relaxing, exploring around town, and seeing the Muppet movie with Allyson and Peter (cheesiest movie ever). Speaking of cheese, Allyson made some yummy homemade mac n' cheese. I was reluctant to go home but we'll see everyone again soon.

Besides substitute teaching and other stuff, I've also wrapped all of the Christmas presents we have so far. The only people left that we want to shop for are my dad and each other. It'll be a small Christmas this year, but it's funny how materialistically smaller Christmases get, the more I love them simply because I'm with family.

hints of snow here and there

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