The Guest Perspective: Carlson Wedding

More catching up! Late last Thursday night, Mike and I drove to Chino and slept for a couple of hours at Mom & Dad Burr's house in order to leave at 5 AM (yikes) for Fresno. We didn't arrive in Chino until 1 AM because halfway there, I realized my temple recommend was on my desk. A grumpy Kelly went to sleep that night. We hit the road super early and snoozed on and off in the car. We got to the Fresno temple safely and loved seeing Amanda and Bryan's sealing. Love you both! Michael was asked to witness, I survived without any tears, and it was pretty cute to see them so shy and quiet. Especially the kiss over the altar - the sealer said "That's not as good as I saw on the invitation!" bahaha.

After the ceremony and photos around the temple, we went to a luncheon and ring ceremony where the new Carlsons introduced both sides of the family, and ate a yummy pork, mashed potato and asparagus meal. We then went back to the Nicholls' house to take naps, but Duke (their huge dog) was too upset at being stuck in his crate to let anyone sleep. I chatted with Christina and she let me cuddle with her upstairs :) Love you Christina!

The evening reception was nice. Me being a big pumpkin fan, I loved the spray-painted pumpkin idea on the snack and guest tables. I got a shot or two of the father-daughter dance because it always makes me teary-eyed remembering how I had that recently with my dad.

The photos we were able to take are from a "guest perspective" because we were part of the bride's family. It was fun editing them. These are lower-quality to make the webpage load easier.

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