Hands Down, Perfect Hot Chocolate

I'm super excited for the holidays! Family family family. I love my family (including extended family).
This is, in my opinion, the best way to make the perfect hot chocolate. I learned it in college and have been hooked ever since.

1 packet of your favorite hot cocoa mix
1.5 to 2 T coffee creamer
mug of hot water

STEP 1: Heat a mug of hot water in your tea kettle or microwave. In a DIFFERENT mug, stir the cocoa mix with coffee creamer until well mixed. It should look like this, or thicker:

STEP 2: Pour hot water into mug with creamer/powder mixture and stir until cocoa mixture is dissolved.

STEP 3: Sip slowly to enjoy thoroughly. I love how it has a creamy froth on top.

Embellishments: To be fancy, you can also add a cinnamon or peppermint stick to stir, sprinkle cinnamon or powdered sugar on top, or add mini marshmallows for fun. I usually just get enthralled with the hot chocolate itself.

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