Viva Las Vegas!

After Amanda's wedding on 11/11/11, Mike, his dad and stepmom and I drove to Las Vegas that night. It took about 6 hours to get to state line from Fresno since we had to backtrack down the 99 freeway, so we got there about 2:30 AM. Whiskey Pete's had turned off their card key machine (what hotel does that?) so we had to wait ten more minutes before heading to bed.

I was in my pajamas with my imitation Ugg boots from Costco, looking very disheveled, and grateful for a bed to sleep in considering we only got 3 hours of sleep the night before. Terri got the room for free, and they also gave her some free playing money, so she hit the slots to pass time and ended up having really good luck! So good that she stayed another 2 hours into the morning! Lucky duck.

We slept until 1 PM on Saturday (yes really, I'm ashamed but we needed it) and then drove across the way to Primm for lunch. Then we hit the outlets for some early Christmas shopping - love it. Afterward it got dark so it felt like we should be going to bed soon, but not in Vegas! We drove to the LDS temple and did a session. Their temple is really cool! I have a life goal of doing a session in all of the US temples, and hadn't done Vegas yet.

We then headed to The Orleans where Terri had more free rooms! That evening we started playing and had some snacks around their eateries. This was my first time gambling, so I was nervous at first but got really comfortable since you could play pennies, nickels, and dimes, so the money goes away slowly instead of quickly, haha! Michael and I were up and down and up and down, but by the end of our trip we were down, booo. One game I won $20, which was pretty cool. I'm glad we didn't gamble much, but I loved playing poker! So fun.

The next day we met up with our friends Devon and Vanessa and ate at the French Buffet downstairs. So yummy! They were both fun and funny to spend time with, I'm glad we met up! They celebrated their 2-year anniversary the next day :)


Afterward, we gambled more, and Mike actually got to play poker at a table with real people - it's more fun for him rather than a machine. I love my machines though! Since we joined their points club for free, The Orleans may start mailing us free deals too. Mike got 1000 free points since it was his birthday month.

We played to have fun, and we totally did. It's more fun and lasts longer when you don't risk much. I remember when I was younger, my Uncle Leon won something like $10k and I think it was playing Keno, not sure. So, some are lucky! Terri got a really good machine and was doing well.

reminds me of the Hollywood Tower of Terror
We refilled this baby with Dr. Pepper at least 4 times. lol

Creepy faces!

Before we headed out of town, we walked around the Fremont Experience and saw some crazy people in costume, ziplining, etc. and took in the atmosphere.

After going home, I realized there was just something about Las Vegas that stayed with me, it makes me excited every time I think of it. I doubt it's the gambling bug, but more of everything combined: games, lights, atmosphere, lots of people, excitement, food, fun. It was the most fun trip Mike and I have had yet. Thank you Dad and Terri for taking us, we loved it! We should go again, maybe in January since it's my birthday month. We've been to the strip before, and while it's amazing inside the resorts, the one thing I don't like is people shoving inappropriate fliers in your face walking down the street. Yuck. The Orleans wasn't like that at all, we loved it.


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