Christmas Rush? I think so.

It's amazing what can happen when you're stuck. Really, it is. Over the past week or two I've been getting as many substitute jobs as I can to help pay for Christmas gifts. This is also my last week with my first after-school literacy group. Funny how when I promise them a congratulatory party, they behave their worst the day before. Blerrrrg.

Anyways, back to being stuck. Mike and I had a rough night discussing budgeting a bit ago. It was not fun. It never is, and this time was particularly hard. I thought I was going to have to have my brakes done, and because of ________ (insert Christmas or extra or whatever you want) spending, we didn't know how we were going to cover it. Heavenly Father helped us out big time. I went to our family's trusted repair guy in Simi and it turns out, the back brakes just needed cleaning. They get dustier because stock brakes aren't as good as factory brakes. Blessing #2 came when one substitute district paid me earlier than I thought, and much more than I thought.

Lesson? Trust in God. Don't just tell yourself to trust Him, actually do it. Our faith is tested every day, and we make it.

I was really grateful to spend the extra time with my parents and have good conversation over breakfast with my Dad while we were waiting on my car. My parents have so much faith in me, and I really needed to hear it. Every time I visit, my Mom offers the whole kitchen to me, and I humbly accept some snacks and things to keep us going. It helps, and it also makes my heart ache and expand immeasurably.

Lastly in this post I'd like to mention how hectic this Christmas is. Seriously.
Yesterday: Relief Society Christmas dessert exchange and dinner, brought homemade cookies
Tomorrow: Work party for my literacy kids, bringing pizza (no bad behavior kids allowed)
Saturday: Disneyland with the Simi Burrs, then evening church party, bringing green bean casserole (church-related party #2)
Monday: Literacy work planning meeting
Tuesday: Meeting to pack gifts for the young women
Wednesday: Young Women Christmas party (church-related party #3)
Friday: Mike's work Christmas party in the Newport Harbor, seeing the boat Christmas parade
Saturday: Christmastime with David & Terri & Simi Burrs during the day, gathering at our church friends' house for a dinner
Sunday: Taking pictures for a client's baby's baptism


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  1. I can't remember all the times God has done the same for us. The biggest one is my daughter. We were trying not to have another kid when we got pregnant with my daughter, and I didn't have a job when we found out we were pregnant. But we had faith and somehow everything has worked out and we have never been without.