Mason Jar Snow Globes!

I just saw this today on www.julieannart.com and had to share it! I definitely plan to do this in the future.
[all photos borrowed from julieannart.com]

SO great!


What you'll need:
Any jar that seals
Distilled Water
Liquid Glycerin
Epoxy/Crazy Glue

(Glycerin can be found at the drug store in the pharmacy section.)

Using the Crazy Glue, attach your figurines to the lid of the mason jar. Let them dry completely. (She waited 24 hours to be sure.)

Next, fill your jar almost to the top with distilled water. Add a dash of liquid glycerin (this is used to make the glitter fall more slowly). The amount is glitter you add is sort of at your own discretion. "I ended up experimenting and some of mine have a lot of glitter and some don't." Screw the cap on tightly and shake your jar to get the glitter moving.

And you're done! Give your Christmas decorations a pretty handmade touch this year using this easy tutorial!

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