First Burrthday and Burr Happenings

So far, 2012 has been so good to us and our families. I've been able to grab a lot of sub jobs, we had dinner last week with the Schulze's (an awesome couple from our ward), and our sister Amanda came down with her husband Bryan to hit up Disneyland, so we enjoyed having them stay in our apartment and play Zombie Fluxx in our pajamas. The property inspection and termite inspection on the house are done, so we're waiting for more paperwork to process from the HOA.

My birthday weekend was super-awesome because not only did my sister Allyson and her husband Peter drive all the way down for a short weekend just to see us, but my nephews had a big weekend: Joseph was baptized, and Ben was ordained to the priesthood! Sadly this is the lone photo we took (proud parents and Joseph):

My family had a great dinner at Macaroni Grill and mom made me a yummy cake. We placed the candles so that they spelled out 2-6:

I'm so grateful for my family. Thanks to everyone who made it special!

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