Inspired in the New Year

Over the past week something has been in the works, which has taken most of my time and focus. As it progresses (hopefully in a good direction - fingers crossed!) I'll post about it later. Right now too much is up in the air to exclaim anything. No I'm not pregnant! haha :P

So, Happy New Year! We found a little replay video of Times Square online to watch since we don't have cable. Beforehand we watched "Big Trouble in Little China" and had snacks and sparkling cider. It's been really foggy at night, which was neat to see but not fun to drive in. We had visited Disneyland earlier in the day and wanted to stay until midnight, but we really felt more like staying at home with our heater :) It was a good choice.

Church is now at 9 AM for us. The LDS church usually groups congregations by where they live, and assigns a meeting time at a shared building. We used to be at 1 PM, so 9 AM is a jump, but we REALLY liked getting it done in the morning and not wasting the day. The rest of the afternoon and evening is for relaxing and getting ready for Monday. It's also nice that we got to grab a loaf of garlic bread from the kitchen before all of the kids took everything!

I always like to do resolutions, but this year instead of writing them down, I'm going to see what my mind, heart and soul truly desire just by what I feel every morning: What inspires me? What do I WANT to do? What are my personal goals? How can I better share the world with other people? Largely, I'm not going to do anything that I'll resent later. 

Something that has bothered me (and I know many women say this) is my weight, or the tone of my body. I was happiest at 125 and 140 just makes my clothes fit too snugly. As of yesterday I started using the app "Lose It!" on my phone and I love it, mainly because it holds me accountable for what I eat and how much. Granted, I wasn't over-eating in the first place (I don't need that much to maintain my weight), but if I really want to lose the final fifteen, this is a good way to watch it. I'm also more inspired to go running, as I lost that motivation about two weeks ago. The more I exercise, the more "cushion" calories I have, but also the weight loss will be healthier and I'll get the tone I want.

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