Rescued Pups

Last weekend, I went with my Mom to the Baldwin Park shelter outside of Pasadena to adopt a mommy dog and her pups. What?!? Yes! My Mom has a huge heart for rescue animals (I get this trait from her and my Dad is a pet lover too) and she had been watching the shelter and rescue websites regularly. Since Mike and I finally moved somewhere that we could take Harley, she decided to fill the extra space with a foster. Since shelters have a lot of germs and things that go in and out continuously, they usually put the puppies down if no one shows interest in getting them out within a week or two because they're more likely to catch something quickly. When we picked them up they even asked, "So how many are you taking?" The reality is heartbreaking. I couldn't walk around in there because I'd adopt them all.

I can't tell you how much I admire my Mom for sacrificing in order to save a helpless mommy dog and her babies. The mommy's name is Minnie. She cowers as if she's been beaten, but we coo to her and encourage her, so she's slowly feeling safe and comfortable. She's such a good girl.



Decor Fun

Happy love day! Don't forget to tell those around you that you love them! Including the furry ones.

Move-in weekend was crazy. But we were SO grateful and surprised how everyone showed up to help us and check out our new digs (Allie & Michael Schulze, Amy & Matt, Allyson & Peter, Uncle Mike, Aunt Pam, Dad Burr, Mom & Dad Spencer - THANK YOU!). Peter and Allyson came down from northern CA (over an 8 hour drive) just to help and were our first overnight house-guests! The day was a rush and it was overwhelming to see the mess everywhere, but it got done with our friends and family's amazing help.

We're definitely spoiled, especially by my Mom and Dad and Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike with all they did Sunday too. That was "fix-it day" to re-caulk the shower, replace a broken bathroom light fixture, patch some holes, install new door locks, remove and clean baseboards in the kitchen, etc. etc. Yesterday I took in the front window to get it replaced (had a bb gun hole and crack in it) and won't get it back til Wednesday. Mike and I also cleaned the apartment last night, and I'm going back to mop the floor before work today. I had a locksmith get us a new mailbox key setup, and as I'm sitting typing this, I notice a bunch of bees hanging out in a particular area under the eaves of the second bedroom... great!

Here are a few of the more fun homey touches I've made.

in the kitchen doggy food stuff
entryway doggy stuff
laundry storage baskets


Before the 'Great Migration'

I almost forgot we had this blog. Really. I've been focusing on the condo and photography and substitute teaching that there's left little time for anything else. So, here is a short-n-sweet summary of the past few weeks:

  • Grabbed a lot of sub jobs (yay)
  • Started my last ten-week session of Literacy Foundation - these two groups are much more well-behaved :knock on wood:
  • While substituting at a particular middle school, I made a great connection with two of the teachers and have a good feeling about networking
  • Went to Disneyland with the Simi Burr family
  • Joined Pinterest
  • Signed loan and escrow documents for the condo so we're allllll set to close on Thursday! :knock on wood:
  • Photographed a vow renewal ceremony and reception in Simi. It was so sweet to see people still so in love after 20 years. We're still working on the photos, but check out the bridal suite PART I and PART II. I just recently revamped the blog with a simpler layout, and designed a new header (which I'm super excited about :)

My favorites:

Back to packing...