Before the 'Great Migration'

I almost forgot we had this blog. Really. I've been focusing on the condo and photography and substitute teaching that there's left little time for anything else. So, here is a short-n-sweet summary of the past few weeks:

  • Grabbed a lot of sub jobs (yay)
  • Started my last ten-week session of Literacy Foundation - these two groups are much more well-behaved :knock on wood:
  • While substituting at a particular middle school, I made a great connection with two of the teachers and have a good feeling about networking
  • Went to Disneyland with the Simi Burr family
  • Joined Pinterest
  • Signed loan and escrow documents for the condo so we're allllll set to close on Thursday! :knock on wood:
  • Photographed a vow renewal ceremony and reception in Simi. It was so sweet to see people still so in love after 20 years. We're still working on the photos, but check out the bridal suite PART I and PART II. I just recently revamped the blog with a simpler layout, and designed a new header (which I'm super excited about :)

My favorites:

Back to packing...

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