Rescued Pups

Last weekend, I went with my Mom to the Baldwin Park shelter outside of Pasadena to adopt a mommy dog and her pups. What?!? Yes! My Mom has a huge heart for rescue animals (I get this trait from her and my Dad is a pet lover too) and she had been watching the shelter and rescue websites regularly. Since Mike and I finally moved somewhere that we could take Harley, she decided to fill the extra space with a foster. Since shelters have a lot of germs and things that go in and out continuously, they usually put the puppies down if no one shows interest in getting them out within a week or two because they're more likely to catch something quickly. When we picked them up they even asked, "So how many are you taking?" The reality is heartbreaking. I couldn't walk around in there because I'd adopt them all.

I can't tell you how much I admire my Mom for sacrificing in order to save a helpless mommy dog and her babies. The mommy's name is Minnie. She cowers as if she's been beaten, but we coo to her and encourage her, so she's slowly feeling safe and comfortable. She's such a good girl.


  1. Ooh! My heart is breaking. I LOVE animals and often have several at a time. Our sweet Sam is a rescue and he is such a sweet and willing dog. Now I want a puppy.

    1. Let me know if you want to reserve one! Haha :) I'll always rescue dogs.