Feeling Crafty

This is a fun wreath I made with materials from Michael's Arts & Crafts store. Loooooooove. A few people have asked me to make them some so just let me know if you want one too.

It'll go on my front door as soon as the bee swarm gets taken care of. Yes I said bee swarm! Something upset the bees living under our eaves this afternoon and a LARGE amount of bees came storming out. Luckily Harley was inside and I was able to go around the other corner. Needless to say, the HOA bumped up our situation and it'll get taken care of tonight or tomorrow morning.

This past weekend we relaxed at home and checked out our amazing Target around the corner. We found thermal curtains which help block the sunlight from the front bedroom, and a bathroom shelving unit that matches our light fixture for $15 instead of a cabinet ($70, boo). I like how it turned out. Otherwise, we're just enjoying our new ward and the nice walks along Serrano Creek and around the Keys, and hanging out with our pup!

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