A Few Updates

Not a whole lot is new! After I finished painting the hutch blue, I started working on a few materials for a craft store I created. I think it's fun to make stuff (wreaths especially) and got a few ideas from a few local stores, which inspired me to make my own.

Introducing: Bleuhouse Crafts :) I've already made my first sale! Woohoo! AND, every year our new HOA hosts a Christmas boutique and I might be able to be one of the vendors. We'll see what happens.

I've been getting a lot of sub work every week, which is good for our budget. Mike has a few prospective things going on that we're hopeful for. Everything counts.

I visited my parents' house this weekend and got to play with the puppies more. They're sooo cute. If you're interested in adopting, go to http://www.life4paws.org and fill out an application. There are seven puppies altogether, listed alphabetically and mixed in with other dogs on their site: females: Maddy, Ginny, Tippy, males: Tip, Teddy, Brownie, Dewey.

My Mom is so awesome for having rescued Minnie and saved all seven pups! It was a short but great weekend and I'm excited to visit again. That Saturday I also went with Diana to see Melissa get her endowment at the LA Temple. It was great to be there again.

Today feels kinda... bleh, even though it's been a great day so far. I did a little couponing, planned some meals for this week that include healthier foods, jogged 3 miles with Harley, and watched an episode of SNL from the 90's. Hopefully working Tuesday and Wednesday will help me kick the Monday blues. Since we're mostly settled in, we're going to start having our friends over for dinner to repay them for having us to their homes before. Finally! Especially since the dead-rat-in-the-wall smell is gone... not sure if I mentioned that. But we're pretty sure that's what it was. Oh, and no more bees going crazy outside either.

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  1. Yay for the dead rat smell being gone! We may need to get together to play a game other than Word on the Street. We had an unfair advantage, so pick a game you can repay us. :) Though, we will probably have you guys over again so we can hang out later than 8pm.