Spring is Springing

Photography biz: It seems with spring that things seem to pop up out of nowhere! We've scheduled a wedding for August and a family/baby session in Santa Barbara soon. The busier I keep myself, the more opportunities pop up to show people what we love to do! I'm SO glad we have MBKB as a side business because honestly, it's the most fun "work" I've ever had.

Substitute teaching: The past two weeks took a LOT of energy out of me. The combination of traveling to nine different schools within two weeks was nuts. Did I also mention, the last day was the toughest? There's one school for the "drop outs" AKA their last chance. By 11th or 12th grade they start thinking about getting serious and doing what they need to do, but I had a few tenth grade classes, and it wasn't pretty. Enough said.  I don't sub again until tomorrow (Weds) and I'm grateful for that.

The past two days have been nice and relaxing. Mike and I are aiming to eat healthier so I've cooked a few light and yummy meals so far. [Example: this is soooo yummy! Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce.] We had lunch at his work with Harley and it was nice to enjoy the landscaping and the sunshine. Our HOA dues also pay for the Sun & Sail Club membership and we checked out the gym last night. It's small but has great equipment, and they have beautiful pools we're looking forward to relaxing in!

Crafty Update: I sold a wreath! I'm still hoping to sell my egg wreaths and bunny wreath before Easter. I'm so proud of them! It took me so long to make them.

My Mom is still fostering Minnie and most of her puppies until the rescue sets up a viewing for potential adopters. She loves having them there, they've grown and gotten cuter and cuter. This link reminded me of exactly what my mom is doing: Barely alive at birth, rescue pup may be world's smallest. Also, here is such a touching video that shows EXACTLY why I rescue and adopt dogs from shelters. Dog Living in Trash Pile Gets Rescued.

Mike and I have wanted to upgrade our furniture, so little by little, IKEA's deals are helping us do that. Here's our entertainment center, which perfectly matches our side tables:

We saw the movie "Hunger Games" last Saturday night with Mike's dad, it was SO GOOD! For some reason I'm hesitant to go see movies, because they cost a lot and I worry if I'll even like it or not. This movie was definitely worth it. Plus, I had to use a Groupon that was expiring.

That's pretty much us in a nutshell since mid-March. We're excited that our 1-year anniversary is already coming up! It seems like yesterday that everything happened. So far we're thinking of maybe taking a little trip somewhere for a night or two to celebrate. Yay travel!

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