Spring Break

Last week I took one sub job, but after the nightmare of the Friday before, I really didn't feel like taking more. Instead I went to visit Michael at work and Harley has come to enjoy seeing his daddy in the afternoons :) Here's a treasured moment of them napping.

I brought cinnamon chips and my family's fruit salad mix to a SG potluck on Friday. Last weekend we also tried to find a specific hiking trail, but when we finally did, it was teeming with bikers in a race, so there was no way to get through without upsetting a lot of people. We'll have to try for it again when it's not raining.

Last Wednesday we went to the Newport Beach temple and did sealings with our ward. Since I was the only person who brought family names, those were the majority of names that we did. It has been so long since I brought my names to the temple, I caught the fire again! I can't wait to go back. Mike also heard a few of my ancestors' names and thought some sounded cool for a baby girl ;)

Tonight we went to Chick-Fil-A up off of Portola Hwy and got free meals! I'm an organ donor and Mike signed up too. It was really cool of Ani Taylor and her husband to become spokespeople for Donate Life, on behalf of their organization The Ruby Jane Foundation since the passing of their little girl. I felt silly once I met Ani for the first time, like I was meeting a public figure :x haha. She is so nice!

Tomorrow we're having my friend April and her husband over for dinner, yay! House guests! Then... back to work week. Sigh.

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