Here's the long and the short of the past few weeks :) As you can tell, a LOT of it is photo stuff - I'm so happy it's picked up.

5/9 - 5/13:
Mike's blood work showed that he had reeeeeally high cholesterol. It isn't just from food, it's hereditary, so taking fish oil daily will most likely be a lifetime thing. Since cutting out high-cholesterol foods, he's lost around 20 pounds! Amazing. He feels a lot better, and it's making me stick to better eating habits too.

We took photos for a family in Orange County that weekend, and you can see them all HERE. They turned out great!

Mike's work also threw a "birthday party" for the company on John Wayne's Yacht (now a historical landmark). It was nice to ride around the harbor and watch other people have too much free booze :)

Mike spoke in church that Sunday and did a short-but-perfectly-sweet job considering he was the second speaker and had about 5-10 minutes. Now everyone in the ward loves us (especially him) if they didn't already :) We also took youth photos, seen HERE. These kids are great.

5/14 - 5/20: 
I house-sat for my parents during the day so that a sloppy repairman could come do a few odds and ends for a day or two. Maya and Harley love visiting and playing with Minnie and Ozzy. We took them to the Simi dog park and they loved it.

The Lake Forest ward Relief Society had a cookbook potluck, so I made coconut curry chicken with basil, mmm. The cookbooks are awesome too. I'm so glad I submitted several recipes and got a copy of the book.

We returned to Ventura County the next weekend to take photos for my lovely and sweet friend Katy and her fiance Kolby. They are so cute and I love how they came out (can be seen HERE). We'll be photographing their wedding this fall or spring.

5/21 - Now: 
I've been tutoring a senior in high school whose parents I know through church. Hopefully this will branch out into more professional connections.

Michael and I went to the temple on Thursday and it was awesome. I love the peace I get there.

I was able to take photos of my friends to update my portfolio and give them something good for their engagement, and as a result they now want me as their wedding photographer in July. I'm sooo excited :) Their photos are HERE.

I also took some 1-year photos of Evelyn, my friend's adorable daughter. She kept a quixotic face but had fun crawling around :) All photos are HERE.

This past weekend, my parents wanted to throw Mike and me an anniversary dinner with the wedding party. Most everyone came to Viva La Pasta on Sunday and it was delicious and memorable. Thanks to all who drove long hours (especially my sister and her husband, who drove through the night over 6 hours) just to see us. Here's the delicious cake (although too sweet for my taste now!) :

Our first anniversary was Monday! Michael got me a bonsai plant, which will last forever if I take care of it :P

I've managed to hunt down quite a few substitute jobs even though the school year is winding down and they're harder to get. My next assignment is for 3 days and the school is close to Michael's work, so we'll get to see each other for lunch :)

Thus ends a photolicious blog post. Again, I'm super happy with how our photos are turning out and what the future will bring.


Diet (My Least Favorite Word)

Since one of my friends got onto the LoseIt app, I thought hey, I should give my goal another go (alliteration!). I've been logging my calorie intake and exercise this past week and feel good about it. Mike went to the doctor since he's felt so tired all of the time, among other things, so together we're watching how much we eat. It REALLY helps knowing other people are keeping you in check. So far we've learned - and are still exploring - new ways to eat a lot without getting so many calories stuffed in, how to know when you're full, and that eating smaller meals throughout the day helps curb cravings. Exercising also helps give me a calorie cushion so I don't have to worry about eating too much. My goal weight is 125, which will give me the healthiest BMI for my height and age, but I bet after I reach it that I'll fluctuate between 125-130. Just gotta keep myself in check.

Good snacks:
- protein shakes
- protein granola bars
- handful of cranberries
- handful of almonds
- soybeans (baked, or fresh edamame)

Eat a lot with fewer calories:
- cauliflower and turkey sausage casserole
- spinach salad with vinaigrette dressing
- lean cuisine entrees
- healthy choice steamed lunches
- any vegetables really, except corn (moderation)

Other news: summer is quickly approaching and substitute work is slowing down, so we're amping up the photo business and I'm making more wreaths. I also applied to two retail stores I enjoy, Sur La Table and Down East Basics (looooooove modest clothes!) so I hope I get some part-time work going. Should be fun! The next two weekends, we'll be in Simi for some photo work and our anniversary dinner my Dad is throwing, and we're really excited for that. Still haven't decided what we'll do to celebrate for an evening; we may wait until June and get a room at a Disney hotel when 'Carsland' opens, and spend a day or two at the parks while we still can - passes expire toward the end of June, booo!

Michael recently got a call from a fashion stylist friend he'd worked with on a past videography project, and was asked if he'd be interested in future projects (heck yes!). Apparently her career is really taking off and the promotional video he did for a model friend is very popular. This could open a few doors for us! :fingers crossed:

Here is the promotional video: