The 4th and Beyond

I had a lot of fun planning and decorating for our 4th of July barbecue. One of my favorite things to do is decorate and throw parties - I've known this since I helped organize high school band parties, birthday parties, and college parties in SB. I loved, loved, LOVED having our family here! Sorry to the boys for Maya, but she is a rescue dog and will growl until she gets to know you. She's a little scaredy-cat too, so you have to show her you're her friend and eventually she'll remember :)

Me: "Quick, awkward nighttime flash photo!" Looks like Michael and Joseph got the same memo :)

Parents and aunts and uncles watching the fireworks ♥

Dad being guarded by Ozzy and snoozing Harley (this is Dad's "ehhh" face)

I also ran my first 5K in a looong time that morning. The last one I ran as a race was the Turkey Day Dash in Thousand Oaks in 2009! Oy. I loved it! I did pretty well considering I didn't consistently run until two weeks beforehand. New personal best!

Overall time 26:41.3, pace: 8:53 minute mile, overall place 337, overall in women 101, 6th place in my age group (25-29).

Yesterday I went to the temple in the afternoon and almost finished my stack of names in a sealing session. I also did an initiatory for a family name. It. was. amazing.

Today (Saturday) Michael and I tried a new place for lunch, despite our Bruxie cravings. This place is called Boneheads and it has some DELICIOUS fish. Definitely going back for their low-cal, tasty, affordable options.

It's Harley's birthday! Happy birthday, Harley!! We love you :)

nom nom

blueberry and vanilla dog yogurt

more nom nom

Maya got to celebrate even though it wasn't her birthday :)

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