Foodie: Frostings Cupcakes

After eating a healthy in-home meal, we decided to splurge and get dessert at Frostings Cupcakes {http://www.frostingscupcakes.com}. However, this wasn't our first time trying it - some new friends of ours gave us the lemon drop cupcake and the cookies & cream cupcake. Oh. My. Yum.


The Menu

Frostings offers most flavors every day, but not all (probably to spread out the ravenous crazies that come only for certain flavors). I wanted to get the Orange Twist since I love fruit-y desserts, but they only offer it Tuesdays and Sundays. *tear*
Their prices are a little high for what you get, but it's meant to be a special sweet treat splurge, which is what we did.

The Cupcakes

Overall: All of their cupcakes are moist and have a lot of frosting on them (hence, 'Frostings') so if you don't like a lot of frosting, don't come here.

First let's review what we had already:


Cookies & Cream: Rich! But very, very good. I love Oreo shakes, and this was delectable. It even has an Oreo in the middle... mmm.


Lemon Drop: Has my heart. Melt-in-your-mouth, sweet lemon-y goodness, better than lemon bars. Period.

Now, what we split Wednesday: 

Bordeaux: Good, buuuut, the Bordeaux isn't very obvious to me. There's a hint of it, but I might've missed the rest of it. The frosting tasted closer to ganache to me. Mike could taste the Bordeaux.

We split Thursday (we spread out our splurges, haha):

Banana Hazelnut: They had a Bordeaux frosting option but we went for hazelnut since we already had Bordeaux. It was GOOD. Like a moist, fluffy banana bread with yummy icing.

There you have it. Oh, we've decided to come here once a month (er... when we have room for dessert, which is... errr...) in order to have fun trying all of the flavors. When we do, it'll be up here :)

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