Foodie: TK Burgers

Something we've decided to add to our blog is to write a general review of each new place we eat. There are a ton of cultures and eateries to sample from in Orange County, so we have a LOT to try.

Down by Mike's new workplace (more to come on that later) is a place called TK Burgers. They're well known for great burgers, grilled onions, and their in-house thousand island dressing. We weren't disappointed.

The decor was your typical surfer-shack: stickers over everything, ocean wave photography on the wall, beach-y art and window blinds, earthy lamps.

The Menu:

Since we were first-timers, we stuck with the special, which was a cheeseburger and fries combo. However, we-who-diet happily noted that they offer turkey burgers and an Ahi fish filet burger, so we'll have to come back for those. The prices were reasonable and you get a good amount of food.

The Burger:

It tastes like you're literally barbecuing outside in the park. The combination of char on medium-cooked meat and bun taste gives it that. Some people on Zagat compared it to In-N-Out, but for me that was only because of the appearance. The taste is completely different. I also thought their in-house thousand island dressing was unique and tasty. Yum yum.

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