End of Summer Photo Post

Firstly: I'm so excited for autumn and winter. I feel it in the air even though it's still summer, and I'm dying to put up decorations!! There. I said it.

Next: Mike is doing well at work, kicking butt being awesome, as usual. It's crunch-time since their newest game is deploying on Monday, so he's staying late a lot :\ But the game is great! I can't wait to play it and share it. He's very happy when weekends roll around and we can sleep in and cuddle with the puppies.

Here's what's been going on (mostly with me) since last month. Lots of photos, get ready.

- I went to a couple of baby showers... this one was Diana's. She's having a baby boy named Alton. Sibrina (far left) is leaving on her mission this week!

- I took photos for our calling as Single's Ward Representative Missionaries at the Mid-single's Doheny beach party and dance. They really know how to have a good time.
Me, 15 pounds down, 5 to go.

- I photographed a wedding at the end of July. It was one of the most chaotic ones I've ever been to! I even had to compete with an angry family member for photo time with the bride and groom - crazy!! But I still took many great shots and am happy I had the opportunity. Full post of photos is HERE.

- That same weekend, had lunch with friends  <3

- Went to Chick-Fil-A day to support. Loved the crowds everywhere! I had heat stroke once we finally got through the door and had to immediately sit down. It took over an hour to get food, but the staff members were amazing and the food was excellent, as usual.

- Went temple-hopping and Chick-Fil-a-ing with Whitney <3

- Mike and I went to the Orange County Fair with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam. Pam's beautiful quilt won an honorable mention and staff award. We also saw my old Santa Barbara college friends! Jose and Heather recently moved closer, so we may get to see them more often.
Our splurge: maple-bacon donut.

- Went to Mormon night at Angel Stadium. They seriously know how to do fireworks well.

- Went back-to-school shopping in an attempt to update my wardrobe. Found great deals at Ross and Nordstrom Rack, and bought my first two pairs of skinny jeans (!) and Toms so I can look nice for work and stay comfortable on my feet.

- Overcame my fear of sewing machines when visiting my Aunt Pam and watching her sew. I was able to make these (and yes, Harley is flippin adorable in his bowtie!!!) and now I can't wait to get a hold of my sewing machine back in Simi:

- Speaking of crafty things, I've decided I'm going to amp up my Etsy store, and make only things I love. No longer making stuff to fit in with a popular idea. I love what's in my store and will continue to improve it. This also includes a name change to something that means more to me personally. Stay tuned.

Foodie: Tandoori India Cuisine

I'm not certain what the real name of this place is: India Tandoori, Tandoori India Cuisine, or India Cuisine. Either way, it's the best Indian food I've had in awhile, and well worth the price. They've only been there seven months but have been doing well and building an audience.

3940 S Bristol Avenue, Santa Ana, CA

We went for the lunch buffet as I was visiting Mike at work. We love our regular restaurants, but wanted to try something new, and weren't disappointed. Today I was pretty hesitant because when you haven't eaten foreign food in awhile, it looks scary :) However I soon relaxed and was reminded of the great Indian cuisine I had in London, England (surprisingly).

The Food: Fresh, authentic, tasty food that your taste buds will be delighted with. The naan is fresh and has just the right amount of crisp crunch. If you get garlic naan, they don't overwhelm you with it, but it is the perfect amount. The tandoori chicken was moist, the vegetarian almond and mushroom curry was my favorite, as well as their chicken curry and those yummy gulab jamun! (of course I had to look up the name to remember it!)

The Service: Like many family-owned restaurants I've been to, they put the extra effort and have a personalized touch. When we walked in, a table was ready for us and we were welcomed in, the owner was by several times making sure everything was to our satisfaction, and dirty plates were gone before we needed to ask.

We'll definitely come here again.