Nostalgia: Unity

As time passes and everyone's life paths change, I've had a few thoughts that continue to hover in my mind and need a canvas.

- I'm really not a debater, and I think that makes me better (compared only to my previous self). Instead of sputtering for things to toss back into play with those I come across in life who flaunt negativity like it's the latest thing, I find the greatest peace and solidarity through holding my own truths in how I live my life. I especially love that when hardships come, many like me stand for truth in a meek and humble way. It feels good. This is hard to see when so much junk is posted on Facebook. I now only post positive affirmations and skim any loaded language in the news feed.
- We know that time causes everyone to grow apart if they don't maintain face-to-face contact. I can say that my high school friends whom I don't talk to much at all anymore are good people. Some may be associated with things I don't agree with, and even have randomly "unfriended" me in the past for my life decisions or because we're just not talking; but I wish them happiness and have good feelings when I see them post about happenings in their lives. Sure, people change and move in and out of our lives; but I don't get why some choose to have a negative twist, like this:

Awhile back, I posted a comment on a photo, referencing something I'd made because I thought the acquaintance would appreciate the idea. Instead they became defensive, which made me wonder: when did our relationship ever become a competitive one? Did I make them feel as if they had to prove something to me? This barrier appeared there. It felt like unnecessarily awkward tension jumped in.

This thought process reaffirmed something to me about when I started my Etsy store: I don't give two hoots if anyone buys my crafts. I make them for fun and because I like them. If I have buyers who share my taste, it's all the more fun. I extend this to life: I'm no longer doing something if it would make me unhappy. Everything I do, I do with my heart and dreams in mind.

Ah well. Maybe it's because how my direct relationship with this person changed because of others' decisions, but it's strange how people let one dynamic interfere with unity. Let's stop talking the talk if we aren't committed to walking the walk of commonality and love for our neighbors. To say this in a better way, "Walk with me."

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