The Secret, Et-cetera

Firstly: PUMPKIN. YES.

The less time I'm online, the happier I am. Which is fantastic. It also makes the time I -am- online more productive. I can tell immediately when I'm idling the time away, so I get up and go do something else.

This past month, my Etsy store has picked up! Here are a few new things that I've already had sales on, which I had a lot of fun making and use them in my own house/on my doggies until they're sold :) I'm amazed at how quickly people found and ordered the fabric banners.

Custom order tri-pattern baby shower banner

Meant for Halloween; someone ordered one for a Halloween-themed baby shower


Another baby shower order


- Went to an Angels baseball game with our friends Robert and Justina. We love them. And their openness to inviting us to the game to share in their work perks is a plus. We will endure another game with you -any-time.
- Went to Nevada for a few days so Michael's dad could make some progress on his properties and stuff up north, to see my grandma, and to get away. It was perfect weather and I loved the time there. Sitting on the back patio at dawn and dusk was so peaceful. I also hadn't seen my granny in over a year, so it was good.

Maya insists on riding shotgun during road trips. To the point of exhaustion.
Harley loves to sunbathe.
View from the back patio

- We ate at Bagels & Brew, a local eatery a mile from our house, for breakfast. mmm. Denver omelette. I love local eateries like this.

- Just this past weekend, we went to Simi to celebrate my Mom's birthday and hang out with my sister who flew down from Sac airport. Mike's Dad was amazing and got us all tickets to see Bella Donna, a Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks tribute band , at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. It was fun. People-watching was WAY fun.

Here is some cuteness.

Lastly: I'm reading The Secret and beginning to truly implement it in my life. Mike has been too. And guess what? It really works. Your life is what you make of it. I told myself "I can get a sub job whenever I want." Lately, that's been every day because I'm excited to get back into work. So guess who has booked up to a week of jobs already? This girl. Mike has an amazing job. We are truly rich and blessed with what we need.

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