Win What You Want

On with the Secret. Michael was officially laid off last week, which came sooner than we expected, but we expected it. The investors seemed to have a "meh" attitude about the company, in my opinion; if they wanted it to do well, they would have marketed and motivated better. Instead, they let it end "meh-ly" and Mike can tell you more in detail if he wants to update this. haha.

Initially I was worried because it had happened so fast; but then I reprimanded myself. The Secret is just beginning. There is something better for Mike, and it's coming, and we're very excited. I'm getting regular sub work and he will be getting unemployment. AND, did I mention we get checks in the mail? That's how we make our living. People ask, "So what do you do for work?" and we answer, "We get checks in the mail." Mind. Blown. :)

The past few weeks, we've had dinner with the Justina and Robert again, whom we love. We saw the movie "Looper" and loved it {mmm Joseph Gordon-Levitt... Michael knows I say this often}. Did I mention Mike tried his hand at stand-up comedy last Monday, and didn't bomb? Well, he did stand-up, and compared to the other first-timers, he did really well. We'll be going to this little hole-in-the-wall joint every Monday night so he can develop his stage personality and his material. Most of the other comedians were vulgar and the jokes were all about male and female anatomy, so he felt kind of left out. haha :)

We also became closer friends with our friend Tina from church when we had her over for dinner. She is hilarious and is a master baker. I had baked cinnamon pumpkin spice kiss cookies, and eventually we ate them and gave them away. Then, Tina does this amazing goodbad thing and brings us a dozen of our own carrot-pineapple cupcakes with frosting that had a hint of cream cheese. I had two after dinner even though I was full, they were so delicious. I immediately dispersed them to the neighbors the following day so we could share in the joy and also be cleansed of the guilt of eating any of them in the future. This was the night I also tried a pumpkin ravioli recipe and it was an 80% fail. The flavor was barely there, and they fell apart... so maybe like a 100% fail. Anyways, I'll go into it with another 'Somethin' Pumpkin' post later.

I substituted elementary PE for the past three days and I am super tan and happy with that. Yes I wore sunscreen, so it's a good tan. 

Sandal tan. No, I didn't want to wear shoes :)

{Firenzi} business is booming. It started to take off thanks to a few things I had done all at once toward the end of September and now... it just keeps going. I'm so happy.thankful.peaceful. Who ever thought I'd be making what I'm making and people love it as much as I do?

Tonight, we further used the Secret to go to our HOA's Meet and Greet shindig and collect our present. They called it door prize, but we knew we would get one, so we came to collect. Hooray for Trader Joe's gift cards!

So, are you ready for General Conference this weekend? I always feel like it's such a special time of year because it's like opening presents for Christmas. The prophets and leaders of the church share such awesome messages and spiritual gems. Don't miss out! Watch it {here}.

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