Faith. And Sleep.

Gasp. I have time to update! Here we go.

We kind of hit an emotional wall last week. Work hours were (and still are) long, Mike and I didn't spend too much time together during the week, and his job prospects were absent. Here's a clip of what Mike said on a sleepless Saturday night:

"Too much on my mind, not enough peace to sleep. No job, no real prospects at the mom
ent, and I'm feeling devoid of all of the positive thoughts I've had motivating me through the last month. I feel like I'm doing everything I can to do whats right... but I look around at this world at people like this pot smoking jerk guy I'm trying to serve papers to, at celebrities who back presidential candidates because it's "the cool thing to do," at people my age that buy stupid political agendas from those same celebrities because it's the squeakiest wheel they can hear, at a world that supports employers who thrive off of lying to clients and short changing their employees in these economic hard times, at people that call good things bad and bad things good!

I'm fed up with all the rotten people. What sucks more is that I'm venting here... on Facebook, a place where proponents of moral debauchery shout so freely, a place I tried so hard to leave but had to come back to in order to maintain some insignificant "social web presence" so that potential employers in my field would trust that I'm "relevant" in some esoteric way. UGH!"

It can be a huge stumbling block when you dwell on the negative things everywhere. Often it feels like us versus the world. We hold on to our dreams and hopes while sometimes, patience is wearing thin. I really can only take one day at a time. If I look at the whole week, I'm overwhelmed. It's the little things that help keep me sane (as I've said before), like these two cuties.

I will say, after going through the motions, going to church and bearing our testimonies, being spiritually fed even more than usual because we were fasting and more humble, we got some peace. Thank goodness for the church, for God, for Jesus.

Mike had a phone interview today for a great game company. I have an in-person interview tomorrow to be a career services advisor, which I'd love. Prayers, good vibes, and luck sent our way, please!

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